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[deleted] t1_j9nxgfg wrote





Your question is similar to: Which car is closest to a bike?


What vegetable tastes like meat?

Want a speaker like experience? Decent studio monitors five to six inch woofers go for like 350€ a pair.

Anyone who even THINKS any headphone can come close to the speaker experience AND VICE VERSA has NEVER experienced speakers. It's like a lifelong vegetarian telling me that beyond meat tastes like meat. NO IT FUCKING DOESN'T (sorry but that made me angry :) )


VisceralVoyage420 t1_j9o4xwk wrote

I prefer my headphones to my speakers. The amount of adjusting, room correcting, acoustic paneling, bass trapping etc. I'd need to do to get even close to sound as good as my headphones is not an option for me. Also I'll take a vegan burger over a "regular" one any day, but that's subjective.


FastGecko5 t1_j9ph8qo wrote

Speaker people are always weirdly heated about the speakers vs headphones thing.


StarWarder t1_j9pxj3x wrote

This. I have both Focal speakers and headphones. The headphones are more precise and detailed. Even the Utopia I had before sounded better than the same price point speakers Focal offers. But I but much of that comes down to room treatment and listening position. And figuring all that out is a nightmare


Alpintosh t1_j9qidgv wrote

Nothing beats the experience of a well matched hi-fi system in an acoustically well treated room. But yeah, you are correct. You need to invest in a lot of money, time and effort to get high end sound. Headphones are intimate, less prone to listening environment, cheaper and all but, I still prefer the music as if I stand in front of the musicians


MOK1N t1_j9rdaq6 wrote

I feel the same way. Even if I have really good thousand dollar speakers, if I can't meet the 10 other requirements to make good use of it, it won't sound as good as it's worth. Headphones, just plop it on your head, done.


iankost t1_j9phvk6 wrote

I've been a vegetarian all my adult life, and I have the opposite issue... Damn meat eaters asking if everything tastes like meat. I haven't eaten meat for over 20 years, I have no fucking idea!