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ultra_prescriptivist t1_ja75pe2 wrote

  • Vacant - Nocturnal | Genre: Electronic / Future Garage | LINK

  • Kauan - Sorni Nai | Genre: Prog metal / Folk / Doom | LINK

  • Vega Trails - Tremors in the Static | Genre: Minimal Jazz | LINK

  • Hello Meteor - Pantropic | Genre: Electronic / Dreamwave | LINK


AtLastLight t1_ja8ar8s wrote

Unfathomably based Hello Meteor listener. I cannot recommend his music enough to anyone interested.


ultra_prescriptivist t1_ja8brnq wrote

Yeah, honestly it was hard just picking one album- his entire back catalogue is pretty epic.

The Glowing: Final Cut, Conditioned Air, and Causality Violations are all also on my regular rotation.


VisceralVoyage420 t1_ja89jg7 wrote

Tremors in the static was my favorite album last year. I really hope they're going to make new music.


ultra_prescriptivist t1_ja8a449 wrote

I know - you were the guy who got me onto them 😄

We had that discussion maybe a month ago (?) comparing the FLAC to YouTube.

I liked the album so much I went and bought it.


AtLastLight t1_ja8dbh6 wrote

Anything by Macroblank/Haircuts for Men. Very chill vaporwave and all of their albums are NYP as well.

Alfa Mist - amazing contemporary jazz, Structuralism is his best album imo.

DIM - Neo-classical/dungeon synth. Very beautiful and atmospheric music, check out Compendium II.

Hello Meteor - my personal favorite artist and criminally unknown. Coastal Obscure is a good starting point.

Brothertiger - upbeat and lush synth-pop. Self-titled or Out of Touch are phenomenal.

Vanilla - one of the best lofi hip hop producers, definitely check him out if you like Dilla or Nujabes. His trilogy (Origin, Moonlight, Into the Dream) is incredible.

Machine Girl - crazy internet brainmelt music. Definitely an acquired taste but I love them. WLFGRL is their most well known album.


RB181 t1_ja7jqas wrote

My collection consists mostly of /r/symphonicmetal and related music, female vocals, and lesser-known artists/bands at that. Here are some highlights:

  • Cecile Monique is my second favourite artist of all time (the first does not have a Bandcamp page), and her album Genesis is my favourite album of all time for the beautiful vocals and orchestrations. The title track is the perfect introduction to her.
  • Everdawn is a bit more power/speed metal with a dramatic soprano singer and also excellent production. Just listen to 'Infinity Divine'.
  • Nachtmuse is similar to Everdawn, and the 2021 album with singer Maude Théberge is pretty good, but my favourite release is still the 2017 demo featuring Alina Gavrilenko, the lead singer of Everdawn, and Laura Sasiadek, my aforementioned favourite artist of all time. Laura's rendition of the final chorus of 'Sky Garden' is just something else (and it's been suggested that it won't be her last feature in Nachtmuse).
  • Age of Athena's album is a more modern, heavier and very interesting take on the subgenre/style. My favourite track here is 'Burn Down the Sun'.
  • Ignea is a Ukrainian band with more death metal influences, and a female vocalist who is great at both singing and growling. They have already released 2 full-length albums and 2 EPs, with the third full-length album coming out next month, and the first single from that album might legitimately be their best song to date.
  • Eleine is another great band, with a darker and doomier twist. My favourite song is 'Ava of Death' from the album Dancing in Hell.

frazum OP t1_ja75e8i wrote

To kick off, let me share my recommendations:

  1. Charlie Gabriel and Hall Preservation Jazz Band - 89
  2. Hermanos Gutierrez - you can check out their performance on last month NPR Tiny Desk
  3. Gogeum Records - A S. Korean label focusing on tradional music. Among the artists, I would like to recommend 2nd Moon album.
  4. Phazzadelic - aka De-Phazz, a (club, lounge) jazz band/label

You can also check some from my past post.

EDIT: Fixed Hermanos Gutierrez's link per u/danadam's notice. Thanks!


rottedlobsters t1_ja8epch wrote

Das Kommando

I will admit it's my own project. It's a mix of harsh noise and DSBM. I put in a lot of effort to make as miserable and bitter of a soundscape as possible.


bogidude314 t1_jaa3a6o wrote

Here are some of my favorites I have found the past few years. I am not 100% sure on the genres

  • Takenobu - Conclusions | Genre: Modern Folk | LINK
  • Murakumo - Murakumo | Genre: Minimal Ambient Electronica | LINK
  • Televangel - Anthropocene Blues | Genre: Instrumental Hip-hop | LINK

ieure t1_jabcf0y wrote

Some stuff I've been real into, in no particular order. I have a wide taste in music and enjoy difficult things, so, fair warning.


vext01 t1_jaeb18g wrote

I've added about half of your recommendations to my wish list! I'm always looking out for stuff which sounds like nothing I've ever heard before.

(and i'm embarrassed to say, I already knew clowncore!)

Please sir, may I follow you on bandcamp?


ieure t1_jaecg87 wrote

clown core is great! No need to be embarrassed. You're welcome to follow me, here's my profile. Lots of other good/weird stuff in there.

I don't know how much noise music you've heard, but this live piece from Otomo Yoshihide is fantastic. I love seeing how the sounds get made, something you really miss when listening to a recording instead of seeing it live.


vext01 t1_jaeeg9r wrote

That Otomo Yoshihide video has me in stitches!


ieure t1_jaems0p wrote

I legit really like him and that kind of music.


vext01 t1_jae9h83 wrote

Thanks for the recommendations.

Recently, I've been digging (to name a few):

I like this kind of thread. Let's do one every time?