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could_not_think- t1_j9nfvpo wrote

Probably no. It won't be able to drive the headphone to its full possible volume. But the max volume the motherboard can provide won't harm the motherboard. Say max possible volume for your headphones is 100db(just saying), your motherboard might be able to achieve say 50db at max. That 50db is full volume for your motherboard, and that won't harm the motherboard cauz it's not going overboard while doing it.


wijnandsj t1_j9obr0w wrote

jeez, this sub showing its' tru colours, downvoting this


could_not_think- t1_j9odem2 wrote

Well, I might have been wrong. Please explain it in a better and more correct manner. No really, not being sarcastic or any of that crap. 😅


wijnandsj t1_j9oio0z wrote

No, I think you explained it reasonably well. I was just annoyed at the people downvoting you for that.