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SaulR26 t1_j9au4k4 wrote

All my homies hate 2.5mm jacks


nopunterino OP t1_j9au8fk wrote

had it in the past, you breathe, it bends


SaulR26 t1_j9aw6n2 wrote

Yup, 4.4mm is the superior connection type. It's big enough to feel sturdy, it's small enough to not feel obtrusive, and it provides a balanced connection.


Xane1985 t1_j9bd1hn wrote

You might say it's "perfectly balanced, as all things should be."


AngryTank t1_j9bs9fb wrote

That’s why I prefer the unbalanced balanceness of XLR


nopunterino OP t1_j9awczy wrote

True, though I didn’t care about it being balanced for this list, it’s purely practical


ExiledSanity t1_j9b9rcl wrote

I've used 2.5 mm with my BTR5 for years and never had an issue.

4.4 is definitely better and there's no need to have both, but I found 2.5 surprisingly resilient.


Kaiserschmarren_ t1_j9ckbwl wrote

Btr3k with 2,5 mm jack with no issues and I regularly put it into pocket on my jeans


nytroza t1_j9e6aix wrote

Same, have been using 2.5 with my Qudelix 5k and never had any issues. I managed to get the 5k stuck while moving resulting in it falling off with high pressure on the connector and still no bends.


Cessnas172 t1_j9c7z50 wrote

I literally just broke my 2.5mm headphone cable this morning. It sucks.


Yaarmehearty t1_j9jnmcx wrote

I’m not saying I don’t think it’s the worst on this list but I don’t get how people seemingly regularly break them. I have only managed to break one ever and that was by dropping an amp on it so totally my fault not the connector.


sequential_doom t1_j9bhqum wrote

I have 2.5 on every single balanced wire I own so I can use a small adapter to plug it wherever I want. I have never bent a single one of them.


DeathsingerQc t1_j9awvgg wrote

XLR is S tier cuz it feels cool to plug one in


Modem_56k t1_j9bcmun wrote

XLR on phones, now

Actually would mini toslink be possible


BlackMoth27 t1_j9carpo wrote

mini xlr is still a tier imo.


Luigi_Bosca t1_j9cbi45 wrote

Tier C imo, they feel kind of flimsy Edit: C++, Standard XLR is the way


doncastiglionejr t1_j9ck2rk wrote

They are finicky and picky as shit...imeen which mini xlr? 4 prong or three, and the lack of devices between each..nah son, I've had so many mini xlr cables that weren't compatible to the devices I had--even when the connects lined up. It's a non starter. I own Audio-GD amps that can't use mini xlr ( on their ACSS connections) unless its from them and theyre edition compatible, and I've owned a RHA portable amp with mini xlr capability that never worked with any mini xlr cable I bought. gets an F


baloobah t1_j9djddd wrote

That sounds like a boutique scam-fi issue, not an XLR-issue.


BlackMoth27 t1_j9v1cfj wrote

That's nothing about the connector. It's the fault of the devices.


nopunterino OP t1_j9ax1vx wrote

It’s cool that it’s chunky but it does not click in place and it’s fiddly to get it upright


kerouak t1_j9b5cdj wrote

Huh your XLRs don't click in place? Mine do, theyve even got a release button on them...


LyKosa91 t1_j9bb0vf wrote

that's the female end, the male end that's used for headphone outputs friction fits. a lot of amps don't even have releases on the rear inputs either.


kerouak t1_j9bedaa wrote

Not sure what you mean. I use XLR cables to connect my monitors to my pre amp and they click in at both ends.


LyKosa91 t1_j9bf6s2 wrote

So the female end has a release button on the connector, the male end doesn't. The specific amp etc might have a locking catch but that depends. The vast majority of headphone outputs have no lock, my KRK monitors have no lock, the rear inputs on my old A30 pro had no lock, but the inputs on my singxer SA1 do.


kerouak t1_j9bg3e2 wrote

I see. Fair enough - I've literally only been using XLR for a couple weeks so just assumed what I had was the norm.


boredinballard t1_j9c05ha wrote

It's the norm on high quality connections typically. The cheap knock offs usually don't have them. Neutrik connectors usually have them, but they do have models without locking tabs.


AntOk463 t1_j9bos2w wrote

You're talking about mini XLR, not full size.


fuzeebear t1_j9ci14q wrote

Both sizes of XLR are latched, though the latch itself is on the female connector. Which is why you associate it with mini-XLR, since female mini are used in headphones quite often


nopunterino OP t1_j9b77sl wrote

oh yeah wait, depends, the one i used did't, soz


blorg t1_j9diblq wrote

He's talking about the 4-pin headphone output on the front. I think it depends on the type of the connector, to click satisfyingly it needs the notch on the top and not all do.

I have some connectors that sort of click satisfyingly but I also have at least one adapter (on the right) that is extremely unsatisfying, it just sort of goes in and there's no clear point at which it's fully in. The black one is OK and it is clear when it's finished pushing in but it doesn't "click". Only the middle one clicks.

I don't think I've ever seen 4-pin XLR headphone outputs with a physical release button. That's for the interconnects at the back.


AntOk463 t1_j9bol7q wrote

That's why you get headphones with mini XLR connector and use a mini XLR to 6.35mm to make you feel even cooler.

Every time I plug or unplug the mini XLR cable from my AKG while I'm wearing them, I imagine myself as Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible Fallout when he connects his oxygen in an identical way. Even cooler because you need to press the button and makes you feel like you are doing something serious.


hfcobra t1_j9c9845 wrote

XLR is S tier because twice the power double the fun.


blorg t1_j9din6c wrote

It's typically double the voltage, which is four times the power, unless there is some other current limit in the amp (which there often is).

4.4 (top) and 2.5 (bottom) in this picture are also balanced and double voltage.


hfcobra t1_j9dljs4 wrote


Not sure where you get 4W=2VxA


blorg t1_j9dw8zp wrote

For a constant resistance as voltage increases current also increases proportionally (Ohm's law, I=V/R).

As current also increases proportionally, the increase in power is the square of the voltage increase.

It's also the square of the current increase, you can use that either.

But you can't have voltage increase with no current increase, they are linked. Unless there is a proportionate change in resistance with increasing voltage, which there isn't in headphones.


Shredder-sama t1_j9g8yw8 wrote

P=V^2 /R -> V(x2)^2 /R(no change) you get a P(x4) change.


suppaboy228 t1_j9bi6kt wrote

6.3 is much smoother imo. XLR doesn't have a tactile snap and doesn't feel as secure as jacks (wobbly, especially when used for a long time)


pongpaktecha t1_j9e5aqf wrote

You must be using the wrong XLR plugs and receptacles then. High quality Neutrik XLRs are super durable and have a very satisfying click when latched and are not at all wobbly. I've definitely had some 1/4 inch jacks get finicky on me when you move the plug around


suppaboy228 t1_j9ecvxt wrote

Since the receptacle is friction fit, it will wear out and will be wobbly in a year of active use. It will hold itself with the latch and will not lose signal, but not very sturdy.

I have been using both neutrik and switchcraft connectors, 100% original. Thay may seem good for a long time at home, but when used in a studio environment, they wear out quite fast.


DeathsingerQc t1_j9bj6kg wrote

Bigger = better

But seriously it depends on the amp / cable, the one I use is secure in there, I need to pull kinda hard to take it out and the ones I use for my preamps have a locking thing on both ends.

If I accidentally pull my headphones with 6.3 the 6.3 will come out, with xlr the amp comes flying with the headphones. Which is probably not something you want but it is definitely not disconnecting by accident.


suppaboy228 t1_j9bjo55 wrote

Yes, it may be stuck hard, but the tactile feel of insertion and pulling out is very unpleasant. It is click-clack with 6.3 and all of the jacks with the ball end. Friction fit plugs - nah. And the fixator doesn't help either.


doncastiglionejr t1_j9ckoqr wrote

We still talkmbout hifi...? Because I see what you doing lol


suppaboy228 t1_j9cnxd1 wrote

Ahahahah:) Yes, but tactility is also important for me, hence, my other hobbies are mechanical keyboards, fountain pens, and woodworking


ThaMac t1_j9d3rir wrote

Yeah the xlr slander will not be tolerated. Mf’s never had to do this shit professionally


CogSci2022 t1_j9awmhm wrote

3.5mm is the best


nopunterino OP t1_j9awwuy wrote

It’s the ol reliable, but using the big 1/4inch gives me a serotonin boost


MoonWun_ t1_j9bvsx0 wrote

I have an audient ID14 mk2 interface and that has both a 3.5mm and a 1/4” and for some reason I still always use the 1/4” just for the cool factor.


hillsboroughHoe t1_j9cc8n7 wrote

The 1/4 inch on the archel 2.5xl is one of the best experiences of my audio life. It thunks in the most satisfying way.


jumboshrimp93 t1_j9aw9vm wrote

Plugging in a 4.4 jack feels like sex


nopunterino OP t1_j9awjc2 wrote

If I ever get a prosthetic penis it will be a 4.4 pentacon


Vaporsynthtechnowave t1_j9b7s7w wrote

qudelix-5k keeping 2.5mm alive


BioniqReddit t1_j9b8lh1 wrote

I've never had a 2.5 fail or bend on me in something like three years of near constant use. What are you lot doing?


Scrimgali t1_j9bswro wrote

Same. Never an issue. I have a ton of 2.5 cables that I use with Qudelix 5k, es100, etc. They do look frail compared to a 4.4 but I have not had an issue.

Watch, I’ll have a major mishap in the next week with a 2.5. Such is life


nopunterino OP t1_j9b8rzg wrote

Nothing in particular, one arrived bent out the box, one overtime slowly bend slightly, they just kinda do that if you use them on the go


BioniqReddit t1_j9b8uvh wrote

Suppose I'm yet to see it. Maybe I'm lucky with cables.


DeathsingerQc t1_j9bezol wrote

I've never experienced it either and I use 2.5 on the go with a btr5


Clickbaitllama t1_j9awsed wrote

The funny thing is that 3.5 bends way more than 2.5 in my expirianceo


MazonnaCara89 t1_j9bsybq wrote

Trust me 2.5 bend like butter, I have 2 cables for my moondrop arias, the one that came with them is bent and sometimes I can't ear from the right iem, and the other one a tripowin cable had a pretty big connector and I literally broke the jack with my belly, now I need to solder the new angled one!


Clickbaitllama t1_j9by1lr wrote

Again, the complete opposite for me. I’ve had 3 2.5 cables that have never bent. Almost every 3.5mm cable i have has done so.


[deleted] t1_j9b4f37 wrote



NoScoprNinja t1_j9btapd wrote

Same, use it for all my portable gear, its funny because only 3.5 has bent on me lol


KEVLAR60442 t1_j9bk04q wrote

I've never seen 3.5mm TRRRS before.


Widget_pls t1_j9bm9fn wrote

I honestly thought this was a meme for more rings = more better but that's actually a balanced 4.4mm jack.


KEVLAR60442 t1_j9bmfcv wrote

So it is. I had to look super ridiculously closely to spot it.


DasGutYa t1_j9c8ert wrote

You can get 3.5mm TRRS for certain headphones that are cabled for dual side single ended and a single sided balanced connection like the HE R9.

It's super jank and can cause a short if you use a normal dual 3.5mm balanced but it's the simplest solution to accommodate wireless add ons like the blue mini whilst maintaining compatibility with unbalanced dual input cables that most companies use.

But yea, the pic is a Chad 4.4mm.


garconip t1_j9csbrz wrote

Sony NC earphones in early 2010s, like mdr-nc33


HauBauMeau t1_j9bwyeh wrote

F tier for the shitty sennheiser 6.3 adapter that came in my 58x box that is some jank


klogg4 t1_j9avxtp wrote

D means Bluetooth?


nopunterino OP t1_j9aw4u1 wrote

Idk, make it lightning or usbc termination


klogg4 t1_j9awruw wrote

But why, they're epic.


nopunterino OP t1_j9axagw wrote

They have a very narrow use case, and the 3,5 spins so it adjusts


[deleted] t1_j9asi2g wrote



nopunterino OP t1_j9asqns wrote

wdym? trs is everywhere

and i like xlr but pentacon is sleeker


[deleted] t1_j9awuf6 wrote



nopunterino OP t1_j9axhpv wrote

I don’t get it, trs comes in literally every headphone

Do you mean the balanced dual trs?


Designer-Edge-5394 t1_j9bkkxk wrote

What about old school dual 3-pin XLRs? 😉


pieman3141 t1_j9coa78 wrote

Tyll, the guy who basically adopted that connector, said that he regretted using it for his early headroom devices.


Designer-Edge-5394 t1_j9e8uj6 wrote

Interesting, why?


pieman3141 t1_j9ee0s7 wrote

IIRC, he said they were clunky and he had difficulty wiring it all up. Also, most headphones don't need balanced outputs, and I think Tyll was kinda ambivalent about whether he preferred single-ended or balanced.


Designer-Edge-5394 t1_j9eibmq wrote

Ah OK. Well, they might be a bit heftier than the rest of the options but tbh not much worse than, say, 4-pin XLR when it comes to wiring up and handling. Once you connect them they stay there, right? ;-) I use HartAudio's cables and interconnects. Recently ordered the dual 3-pin XLR interconnect just out of curiosity and they seem to help open up the sound(stage), at least on my system. I haven't A/B'ed them but suddenly all my headphones sound more open and wide without losing detail. My HD660S now sounds better that they ever did before, and surprisingly open. I might be wrong and it all may be placebo effect, but what I can say with absolute confidence is that the volume knob on my Pro iCAN Sig. very rarely needs to go further than 9 o'clock these days. I did some research but couldn't find anything useful to understand what may be going on in terms of power delivery, etc. as compared to regular 4-pin XLR connections.


pieman3141 t1_j9cnm1g wrote

You forgot 2x 3-pin XLR that Tyll basically adopted during the early 2000s, and the RSA balanced jack that was somewhat "popular" (as far as the head-fi community went) back in the late 2000s. Might be a few more obscure ones that I'm forgetting - Sony's 2x 3.5mm connector, and the 2x 6.3mm connector.

Anyways, I'd also make the 3.5mm connector A-tier, 6.3mm B-tier, and 4-pin C-tier.


roenthomas t1_j9ddvdd wrote

6.35 mm and 4 pin XLR is my S tier
No A tier
4.4 mm TRRS is B tier
3.5 mm TRS and TRRS are C tier
No D tier
2.5 mm TRRS and dual 3-pin XLR is F tier


OrrinW01 t1_j9b7frf wrote

Bro, Hi-rose connector is S tier


pieman3141 t1_j9co1nr wrote

IIRC, only iBasso used the hirose connector for their devices. Most balanced devices from the late 2000s/early 2010s used the RSA connector for balanced.


OrrinW01 t1_j9cp0fn wrote

I think Mr speakers used Hi-rose


pieman3141 t1_j9cqgd0 wrote

That's a headphone, not what you plug headphones into.


StarWarder t1_j9b9mnz wrote

Where are my lemo connectors?


pieman3141 t1_j9co4sn wrote

No non-headphone devices use the Lemo connector, iirc.


sart49 t1_j9bexp4 wrote

Does those "L-shaped" jacks count ? I hate those lol


dstarr3 t1_j9bm45h wrote

4-pin mini-XLR is SSS-tier


sam_najian t1_j9c0vbn wrote

I love how wireless is D tier


jon3Rockaholic t1_j9c5hys wrote

I'm using 4.4 balanced with my Sundara. I love it.


InformalReplacement7 t1_j9c6021 wrote

4.4 is better, sure, but I've never had any of my 2.5s bend or warp or anything. I've never even seen a bent 2.5 like others keep saying theirs do.

I guess some of us just take care of our stuff better than most.


sakallicelal t1_j9c9dkm wrote

All plugs are beautiful. Down with your unattainable plug beauty standards!!!


sprucedotterel t1_j9c9l23 wrote

Gimme XLR on my IEMs, and my iPhone… now!!!


BlunterCarcass5 t1_j9cb8uu wrote

If mono was on here it would be in F tier


Cartella t1_j9ccaos wrote

LEMO FGG B-series should be above all. As many as 64 contacts if you wish so, is latching and many more features what you could wish for.


SubbySound t1_j9cf2hm wrote

Yes! Pentaconn for the win! 😁


Jodiac7 t1_j9cigjb wrote

100% couldn’t agree more


Gr0umpf t1_j9ckkyq wrote

I've always loved the idea of 4.4 Pentaconn balanced... but since, I've stumbled accross many faulty 4.4 terminations, the ol' reliable 6.35 mm (1/4") jack still remains the best in my heart.


Lelouch25 t1_j9cn49c wrote

Most of my cables terminate into a metal 6.3mm. Just love it.


Mr-Zero-Fucks t1_j9cr8ll wrote

6.35, it reminds me my DJing days


RedEyeFlightControl t1_j9cwklh wrote

How is the single ended 6.35 rated higher than 4pin XLR?! My guy, we need to talk


brianjai t1_j9cyog8 wrote

You forget 3.5 balanced connector.

They are god awful


T3L3SIS t1_j9d7kt3 wrote

XLR is A tier at least bruh


LSG4M3R t1_j9db8yz wrote

Plugging 6.3 into a port is 🤌🏻 feeling


mjstealey t1_j9dgtqs wrote

C'mon now, where's the 3.5mm TRRS love at!?

For those that want to drop the mic, but can't, because it's attached to their headphones ...


iHeadShave t1_j9dnnmz wrote

According Schiit and JDS Labs, the balanced thing is hecka overrated (and unAmerican).

6.35 por vida! ✊🏾


BigHairyNordic t1_j9dsul9 wrote

Still loving my 2.5 connections for mobile use. lol


inputoutput1126 t1_j9dtbic wrote

never had an issue w/ 2.5mm putting iems in my pocket w/ the btr3k. had an animal ruin my 2.5mm balanced cable for my planars and ended up going w/ periapt's 4.4mm termination since the q3 has it, but don't see a huge issue with it. I've killed way more 3.5mm jacks than 2.5mm


Muscletov t1_j9e3oip wrote

Balanced is automatic cringe. Marketing fad.


VII777 t1_j9e6bm9 wrote

xlr is clearly ss tier


Geoffryhawk t1_j9e8zag wrote

-shudders- 2.5 mm jacks are for the devil.


Speedmaster1969 t1_j9ekl6y wrote

6.35 feels the nicest

Tried to find it for a future hifiman but it's almost impossible to find a decent one


jay_hojin_shin t1_j9eo4pm wrote

XLR deserves an S tier cuz it won’t unplug unless u do it


jd_delwado t1_j9f70cz wrote

Oh well...thought you were gonna describe each one and why to use one over the other??


Hunter422 t1_j9f7gg4 wrote

I have the 4.4 and it feels perfect, not too small, not too big. Never tried XLR tho, they look totally different and look like an old console controller port from the Gamecube.


cloudicus t1_j9f9ce1 wrote

No.... no.... just no.


dt880BestOfAllTime t1_j9fbxn4 wrote

2.5 mm connectors have less impedance than 3.5mm and 4.4mm, they are objectively better.

XLR is the only parallelized connector listed and should be top as a result. I guess this hobby enjoys depending on their amp's DC protection every time they plug in their headphones (all tip sleeve shorts as you slide it in or out).


Leviatano168 t1_j9qwh2l wrote

Where is my stax 5 pin? Definitely s tier.


Kbeau937 t1_j9b78j1 wrote

Size matters 👀


mang0000000 t1_j9h3kqt wrote

Hate 4.4, I really do. Late comer to the party. 2.5mm and 4-pin XLR already well established.

A useless Sony-backed standard, very much like Memory Stick in the past - Why couldn't Sony just get along and support Secure Digital?!


nopunterino OP t1_j9h3pyt wrote

But it works better than xlr and 2.5 and is now widely implemented


mang0000000 t1_j9hitv9 wrote

XLR works better than 4.4. Any form of TRS connectors will momentarily short one or more contacts when (dis)connect. Not a problem for XLR.

2.5 prone to bending - I baby my gear and this has never happened.

I imagine DAP designers secretly hating 4.4mm. To me, the bigger socket takes up valuable space in the DAP chassis / PCB.


nopunterino OP t1_j9hj56u wrote

You said it yourself that 2.5 bends too easily, and xlr is massive, 4.4 is a decent middle ground, and if dap manufactures put even 3 or 4 jacks on a dap, I don’t think it’s a tremendous issue


SmartOpinion69 t1_j9dd9rb wrote

4.4 is definitely best for audiophiles while XLR is easily F tier. maybe an actual professional can take advantage of an XLR cable for durability/reliability reasons