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StanGenchev t1_j9eq81n wrote

Keep in mind that the DT 990 is sibilant even to people who like treble-forward headphones. It's not a headphone for everyone.

Also the DT 990 pads are notorious for wearing out quickly. I have to change the pass on mine every 2 to 3 months as they become so flat, the driver cover starts pressing on my ears. This doesn't apply to the DT 770 as the pads have a stiffer foam on the inside. In comparison, my HD 599 pads last about a year and a half before I need to replace them.


CH23 t1_j9eo3ya wrote

If you have a dac/amp to drive the dt990 250 ohm, then I would definitely go with that


[deleted] t1_j9ep1ph wrote

99% of motherboards can drive them just fine, no amp required.


[deleted] t1_j9ep3vy wrote

HD 560S?

Generally more pleasing sound to most people, from what I've seen.


szakee t1_j9eprso wrote

feel free to google the hundreds of comparisons and reviews.


o7_brother t1_j9esroq wrote

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