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Line6Guitarist OP t1_j9ppzq6 wrote

Huh I see I knew these weren't gonna be on the same level as the sundaras but I guess I did get a bit too excited. Returning them is not really possible where I'm from but thanks anyway


The_D0lph1n t1_j9puira wrote

If you can't return them, you can either try to sell them, or just keep them around and revisit them every once in a while. Preferences do shift over time, and I've had headphones that I didn't like that much, but I went back to them a few months later and found that their sound was better than I had originally thought.


Line6Guitarist OP t1_j9pv101 wrote

Aight thanks I'll keep that in mind


RChamy t1_j9qpimd wrote

My friend hated his HD560S over his logitech headset because of the non-V EQ. He used them for a week and cant go back l.


Line6Guitarist OP t1_j9qvhks wrote

I used to always eq my headset to be more neutral, but you might have a point, I'll give them some more time