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maXXXjacker t1_j9q0x0m wrote

Yea, good call. Hopefully your friends amp can help you realize the 400se's potential and help you figure out if the sound is worth investing further into.

I would also have your friend listen to it and see what they think since they are used to the Sundara but mind you the Sundara is a big step up in comparison but you already knew that from your original post.



Line6Guitarist OP t1_j9q2umy wrote

Thanks man I appreciate you


maXXXjacker t1_j9r2evm wrote

No worries, let us know how it goes and what your friend was using for a dac along with amp. Hopefully we can figure this one out because the K3 specs at a minimum I would expect that the 400se should be a relatively pleasant experience rather than the description you gave it and the horrible turd fest that came out of my EPOS dac/amp. Plugging into my Galaxy S8+, I'm not a fan of how the 400se sounds either, "The lower mid range sounds muddy and untextured higher mids and treble sound veiled and everything feels very low resolution" was pretty closely fitting the description I had that you gave outside of needing more volume on the S8. Plugging into a Apple Dongle, it's not terrible but it sounds a bit rough compared to what I'm used to.

Hopefully by testing the headphone out on your friends gear will yield some positive feedback/findings to at least let us know if it is a gear thing or if the headphones sound signature is not a good fit, it's just a really tough call here because of the same-ish experiences I've had which back up your findings minus actually having a K3 to know for sure if its just a sound preference issue or the K3 is the issue here.

Hoping for the best.


Line6Guitarist OP t1_j9rcnbm wrote

Pretty sure he has a jds atom stack and from what he tells me they're great. Hearing you say your experience was similar to mine is really nice to hear since the internet seems to praise these cans so much.


maXXXjacker t1_j9ri2wh wrote

That is good news, the atom stack should be a perfect litmus test to put this mystery to bed!