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AkagamiShanks007 t1_j9qlb1o wrote

Watch this sound demo video of all 3 : 560s, 600 and 660s,

and let me know which one u like most. 560s is actually most clear sounding, but people praise 600 too much for that ‘meat’ they have. 560s is half the price and after EQ, it sound better than the 600


Line6Guitarist OP t1_j9qov1m wrote

Well I'm kinda scared of that sentiment since I've heard some people say that about the he400se compared to the sundara


AkagamiShanks007 t1_j9qp33j wrote

Haha i can understand, which one did u like the most based on sound demo?


Line6Guitarist OP t1_j9qw3bo wrote

Hmm hard to say from a sound demo but probably the hd600 because of how the vocals are presented.