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andysaurus_rex t1_ja4txec wrote

If you clap them together does it sound like a horse trotting?


wclevel47nice t1_ja70xp5 wrote

This should be the question first answered with any headphone review, really


LifeAspect t1_ja4xbw1 wrote

seems these were made in the early 70s and sold until like 74, vintage Japanese headphones (I mean obviously considering Pioneer)

Reproduction frequency band 20-20,000HzAllowable input 500MW

I can find 2 versions of the headphone, the one you have and the limited edition one. If I look online on Japanese websites

8 ohm headphones it seems

Otherwise, can't find much more myself


dumbestsmartest t1_ja6h7gv wrote

500MW!? I assume you mean 500mW? Otherwise OP gonna need a nuclear powered Amp to drive those.


LifeAspect t1_ja6ihcz wrote

I just copy pasted from a Japanese listing 😂😅🙃


Pauoolk t1_ja7la8p wrote

The nuclear powered Amp killed me x)


Reasonable-Promise38 t1_ja8vhtf wrote

he would though, a lot of (coal) power plants make around 500MW


Pauoolk t1_ja9vwrd wrote

Ah yes yes I know ! It’s the solid truth if his statement that is funny haha


mopbuvket t1_ja7g180 wrote

Doc brown's headphones for that big speaker Marty blows?


flyhull t1_ja5s525 wrote

KOSS had similar, this was closed back for studio monitoring or not bothering your roommate back then. Not junk, just old technology. Was high end but the end did not go that high back then. But leather pad on top, serious ear pads, metal frame, definitely an attempt was made


gruss72 t1_ja4usvh wrote

Can't add anything but they're cool, I'd give em a listen and hang on the rack


WarHead75 t1_ja5e6i1 wrote

Dat bass must be skull rattling


blucsigma05 t1_ja6auhp wrote

Please give us your thoughts on how they sound!


keppikoi t1_ja6p01f wrote

50 yrs old and close to non detoriation to the materials.. Whereas today you can count on your 2 years old premium ANCs to flake or whatever


BlackEyedWheeze t1_ja8ee1r wrote

well nobody is seriously going to be using them so all the cost in making an indestructible headphone was wasted


thanimalia t1_ja6e37m wrote

If they are anything like my SE-505s, don't judge them too harshly until plugged into a decent amp. At 8 ohms, they're current hogs.


1maxwedge426 t1_ja6zmmn wrote

I have had a couple of vintage Pioneer headphones in the past . The last was a pair of Pioneer SE 405 which looks really similar to those. They were built well, (the volume knobs even worked) but really, really heavy. I wanted to like them but I just didn't. They were boxey sounding, had no top end extension, no sub bass, overall a dull, dark sound.


Modem_56k t1_ja6xqxo wrote

All I know it's my favourite colour (brown)


thebardofdoom t1_ja7dbtb wrote

I’ve long been tempted to buy some vintage cans and update them with modern drivers and try to tune them myself.


Rheell t1_ja9gxn9 wrote

They look like horror headphones from atomic heart or something