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Miserable-Novel4078 t1_j8oltdx wrote

On the one hand, it’s understandable; there’s a lot of snake oil in the industry and there are some pretty sensible-sounding rebuttals to expensive cables (“what about the cables inside the amp?”). For that reason, people don’t trust anything that can’t be demonstrated with an A/B blind test, even though they have their own demonstrable problems and are almost never conducted on/by people who would have the faintest clue what to listen for.

But there’s a difference between healthy skepticism and the r/headphones equivalent of an arrogant 14-year-old atheist who denies our understanding of solid state physics and human hearing and instead spouts “hurr durr can’t tell the difference on MY chi-fi IEMs!” every time someone mentions any part of the audio chain that isn’t headphones. Some kind of middle ground of “cables theoretically make a difference but you shouldn’t lose sleep over it unless you’re picking up some serious interference” would go a long way, but Reddit is incapable of nuance.


aknudskov t1_j8pbj1l wrote

This is the internet, there IS NO MiDDLE GROUND sir.