Submitted by Viking_fairy t3_10u7wmb in headphones

just got these, most expensive pair of headphones I've bought. I love in ears, and was looking specifically for good Bluetooth. know it's a good brand and so far, excellent quality. only issue I'm running into is optimizing eq, I think. it sounds perfect, but don't feel the vibration hard enough. prolly a bass balance issue.... yeay....I've used the mic in call without issue, but haven't thoroughly tested it yet... or stress tested in general....

anygoo, I like them so far, but just dropped 80 bucks- so I'd love some "expert" opinion. haha.

oh, one more thing if i could, I want a good global eq.... got my browser stuff, but any global control seems limited to "grandma who accidentally found these settings". windows 10, obviously.

plox n tanks.



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wijnandsj t1_j7aff0s wrote

>it sounds perfect, but don't feel the vibration hard enough. prolly a bass balance issue...

No, more likely you having to adjust that not all audio is about feeling bass hard enough


Viking_fairy OP t1_j7agn93 wrote

yea, I was wondering about that... I've been using cheapos for so many years that I think I just got used to how they tune it to compensate for shit quality...


aceCrasher t1_j7b4ada wrote

Just give it time. I remember when I bought my first „good“ headphone, my first thought was „oh god where is all the bass, these sound so thin“. But after a week I loved them and my previous headphones sounded like a bloated mess to me.

Your brain will adjust to your new headphones bass quantity. If you are still unsatisfied after one week, try a moderate (2-3db) bass increase.


Memdick t1_j7b00tc wrote

For the EQ for win 10, try out Equalizer APO

I would recommend downloading the Peace GUI for Equalizer APO to more easily use the app

Here's a quick tutorial on the basics of EQ

Happy Trails!


Viking_fairy OP t1_j7bk8xt wrote

id say that not all heroes wear capes, but if you're sitting there with a cape, it's justified. hahaha. thank you bud!


Rvp1090 t1_j7f54bn wrote

careful with the cables, they're real low quality from what I remember. Beyer replaced my headphones like 4 times.


Viking_fairy OP t1_j7i0uvr wrote

ooh, thanks for the heads up. I'll have to take care there...