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All my life i only wear open ears until i decided to get earphones with tips because i thought they cancel noice better so i bought cheap 1 dollar iems and so far so good it does block some noise and its comfier than i thought. then i decided to get an actual good iem so i bought the tangzu wan er's i wore them and their eartips are like bricks they are so uncomfortable and harsh on my ears. I decided to be a man and stick wearing it for a week hoping my ears would get used to it and no it dint its much worse now and i had them off for a whole day and it still hurts. do i go back to open earphones is the apple earpods good?



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CH23 t1_j95ybqe wrote

> I am in physical pain

> let's continue with this

OP, why?


painuzumaki1 OP t1_j95zszx wrote

I read somewhere its normal with new iems so i gave it a week for my ears to get used to it


Paullebricoleur_ t1_j9640v9 wrote

Stop wearing them, and let your ears rest until you feel like they've essentially fully recovered.
You could try other eartips such as the Spinfits or Springtips, but make sure to not "man it out" because that's just how you hurt yourself for no reason


No_Analysis6187 t1_j960ce3 wrote

Maybe try foam or smaller size tips? I find Wan'er stock eartips are fine, but you can get something more comfortable like Radius deep mount or revised version of Final type E.


painuzumaki1 OP t1_j960o83 wrote

On day 4 i bought springtips small size and its much more comfier but i dont know if it works for the irritation because my ears are still hurting from the stock tips. i had the springtips on for 2 days but my ears are still sore although i think its because of the stock tips


Ballerfreund t1_j967h2j wrote

Maybe try Azla SednaEarfit Xelastec, those get soft when getting warm and deform to fit the shape of your earcanal better. With these I can even wear the bigger ones.

I use them on all my IEMs


soboi12345 t1_j99hrvt wrote

You need to try different eartips. Eartips play a big role I comfort.


Brewmachine t1_j987wso wrote

Make sure you aren't putting them in too deep. Get them to where you have a decent seal in your ears but don't go crazy shoving them in. Also twist them when taking them during insertion and taking them out.


Wax42 t1_j961q1r wrote

same issue for me i can do about hour before i need to take iems off its just impossible for me to have in ears with tips.
i currently have nothing ear stick, not outstanding audio wise but dam they are the only iem i had so far that i can use for long time


painuzumaki1 OP t1_j9621jo wrote

i can do well with my old cheap iems its just the driver size where u put the tips in is much bigger on the wan er than my old cheap iem i think thats the cause


THETHRILLIAM t1_j98s6jx wrote

If ur not used to wearing iems, ur ears will hurt a little bit from the tips. It took a few days to get used to them but now I don't feel pain from tips anymore


Ok-Change503 t1_j9h5ge8 wrote

don't wear them if they hurt ya dingus


hewmanbin t1_j99gqnc wrote

The iems you bought probably doesn't fit you. Try something smaller? The moondrop chu is small. People say the moondrop aria is also comfy. There's a cheap "clone" of the aria called the truthear hola. The hola is tuned similarly to the tangzu wan er i think. So you could try that.