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wijnandsj t1_j9nzw3h wrote

Microphonics, the noise via the cable, is very common.

If you block your ear canals then chewing will sound, different, that i snormal.

If you want something small and portable but not blocking your canals you can try something like

And some people don't like ANC, that's quite well known.


DreamShiftThing OP t1_j9o0acz wrote

Thanks to you too for that brand. I seriously couldn't find this on my own.

About the ANC... I know some people "don't like" it, but I was literally lying down shivering for an hour after a single moment of ANC and still confused as to why. Wish I could figure that out.


MinKDucK t1_j9rla4r wrote

My sony XB900 anc is horrible too. Barely cancels any noise and it hurts my head so much I have to cycle through the comedically loud voice announcer to turn them off everytime I use the headphones.