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kazuviking t1_j9jqtx4 wrote

Jesus the amount of bullshit. Now we have:
Audiophile network switch which is just a re-branded switch(the scam company poured a lot of resin inside and scratched the markings off components, oh and added steel weights so it feels "quality").
Audiophile M.2 SSD with and external power connector and a big clock for no fucking reason.
Audiophile network audio streamer pc which is just a passively cooled bog standard pc with a big fuck off linear power supply and lots of capacitors(digital audio wont change with fancy spancy linear supply).
And now the audiophool sata cable.


atwl77 t1_j9junnm wrote

Wait till you get audiophile jumper blocks/connectors...


TheFrator t1_j9l6vkf wrote

Don't ever look into essential oils and how those are marketed.


Mungkelel t1_j9ld4th wrote

ever heard of cable riser welcome to audiophilia


Chernypakhar t1_j9ljq0z wrote

Can we have an audiophile lobotomy already? So the lack of prefrontal cortex activity could make one receive the sound bypass the limit of consciousness and embrace the music with the very soul itself.