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sujanfloofens OP t1_j8klptn wrote

I just got the IE 600s and i think they are the first expensive Audiophile Devices i will keep, maybe worth a listen for you? How do you like the 200? And what amp/dac do you use for the 660S?


PsychologicalAsk7466 t1_j8laq0m wrote

I tried IE200 IE300 IE600 and like 200 the most, 600 in general is the best but in some track the treble got too hot/too much sparkle it sounds weird to me. 300 got too much bass/ sounds muddy for my taste. 200 feels like 600 but more relaxed/sterile signature with less technical prowess. 200 also very small and when paired with relaxed sound signature, I can see myself using it 9to5 everyday without hurting my ear.