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Lelouch25 t1_j8kru89 wrote

When I found the sound signatures and qualities that I like the most, my purchases increased.

Just like PC hardware, when you know more, you know what to get and essentially go out and get them.

I think this hobby has a few up and downs just like a stock market.

At first you start with nothing, so anything you buy you’re going up. But I’d argue you’re not fully satisfied with each purchase, but is finding out through elimination what fits you.

There’s a peak where you say, wow I know exactly the sound signature I like and relatively what gear I need. So you might start selling all the gear you’ve been through. This is where the graph trends downward. You’re losing gear yet you’re recuperating ❤️‍🩹 some investment.

Then there’s the big spikes. This is necessary as you’re finally making some big purchases left and right. You know you’ve gained success when the gear you suspect turns out to be what you were aiming for. You’ve developed YOUR very own price to happiness ratio.

I think afterwards might be some flat lining as you’ve reached $ to performance and is just cruising.