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moneylefty t1_j8ktnm1 wrote

Im not trolling, but might sound like. My end game is reached and i never want to buy anything headphone related again.

I own a condo in another state. Used headphones to keep noise down. I moved, rented out my condo and rent an apartment. After about two years of living there, i learned i have no shared walls. Side goes to a hallway stairwell. Other side to the hallway, another to the outside, and last side out to a courtyard.

I bought 150 bucks of used avr, and a set of towers. For a tenth of the cost of my setup, i had so much better sound. I go to an edm festival or show almost every month, that is my baseline on what it is supposed to sound like.

I bought a good, used entry level used subwoofer for 100 bucks. Mind blown on what home sound should be like. My home system sounds better than my car now, i was shocked. Car factory system aint no slouch either, harmon kardon, 10 speakers, and a sub under each seat supposedly.

Bought black friday deal towers for $199 each, that msrp for over 700 when they were new, sold the original used stuff i bought for more than i bought it for. Sold subwoofer for better one, flipped it for even better one.

Literally havent put on my emu teaks since. I never ever want to put on headphones at home again. End game reached :)


biolox t1_j8q7plb wrote

Hah. Other direction for me. Nice KEFs and killer sub —> ZMFs I can use without disturbing the household.