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Nitrium t1_j8lnplf wrote

I actually did. Once I got the RME, the Soloist 3x Performance, the Valhalla, and the LCD-5/HD800S/Focal Clear MG/Celestee/Elex/6xx, I stopped. I know, this is pretty high-end stuff, but I just didn’t feel compelled to keep going. I felt like I peaked and the LCD-5 is just too good.


zr0sum t1_j8rtamv wrote

I'm considering buying LCD-5 right now. It's that or Susvara. But I know the Sus will take me deeper and deeper.


Nitrium t1_j8sb354 wrote

I don't know. At that point, the differences are so subtle that I find it very hard to justify owning two (or more) of such an expensive headphone. Just my 2 cents.