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emptyvasudevan t1_j8m4a1p wrote

This is where I hit wall too. Cavalli tube hybrid, apple dongle and hd600, I am content with this sound.

I got myself a pair of used headphones after that, but they were all for trying the sound and selling afterwards, never for keeping.


CrelbowMannschaft t1_j8noda8 wrote

I used to own Arya v2, and they were better in most respects. But I still went back to the 6XX for the tonality. Most of my listening is just quiet, background music while I'm on reddit, so it was worth it to sell the Aryas and put that money elsewhere. This is a fantastic combo, and I have my PEQ adjusted perfectly to my tastes. I haven't heard the HD600, but they probably sound about the same when EQ'd. I'm glad you've found what makes you happy. Satisfaction is elusive to too many.


emptyvasudevan t1_j8qy9zk wrote

I started with 6xx but never got to try them with a good amp. I have owned all 6 series at some point in my life and they are all more similar than different with probably 660s having least scaling.

I stick with 600 because of personal preference, its less darker. But if not A-B ing, I won't really notice it. Enjoy your set up, its a killer !