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TheOneInYellow t1_j8mq47a wrote

I stop and start with large gaps of time in-between. For me, I buy the best gear I can afford at any given time, with consideration for very long enjoyment. My previous last update to my gear was between 2016 - 2017:

  • Focal Elear
  • Meze Audio 99 Classics (will never sell)
  • Onkyo DP-X1 DAP
  • 2x NuForce HA-200 monoblock class A balanced headphone amps
  • Double Helix Cables silver balanced cables
  • NuForce Icon amp
  • JohnBlue AudioArt JB3 speakers

However, late last year I considered that now is the right time to upgrade, and create a new best I can afford end-game setup, whilst also condensing what I needed. As part of a trade-in, got rid of three cans* towards the FiiO M17 DAP (which I got last week!) (*Focal Elear, Audeze EL8 Ti, and AKG K 712 Pro). After much saving, in December started buying my new equipment:

  • Asus Zenbook 14x UX5401ZAS laptop (Dec '22)
  • T+A Solitaire T in white/silver (digital wireless and balanced passive headphones) (Dec '22)
  • FiiO M17 DAP (Feb '23)
  • SanDisk MicroSD XC Extreme 1Tb card (Feb '23)

I only require small bits to add, such as an upgraded DC power for the FiiO M17 (likely the FiiO PL50), and perhaps an aftermarket balanced cable for the T+A Solitaire T cans. I'm also considering to purchase the Meze Audio 109 Pro's too. Whether I get these or not, I'm essentially set now for many years!