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Igetzeroplayfr t1_ja0q51s wrote

Wouldn't buy it for myself but nah, they won't hurt ya.


nwotmb t1_ja0ra6d wrote

Honestly would love to buy a pair just to see how they actually sound. It sounds like it'd be hilarious


MapleBaconTree t1_ja17gpy wrote

They're funny. Anemic bass if you turn the slider all the way down. They do rumble as advertised, though.


Gust_on_Fire t1_ja17ify wrote

ive heard from many that the evos are actualy listenable at cranked up bass


Xane1985 t1_ja0whv5 wrote

No, it will awaken you. You will never be able to hear the same way again


Swoopii11 OP t1_ja0wl0k wrote

yeah u should hear my car kickers go crasy


Mr_Build3R t1_ja4qydr wrote

I used to have a kicker tc10 in my car. I loved just pushing that to its limit.


flyhull t1_ja14e4x wrote

Might get you banned from this sub-reddit s/


Swoopii11 OP t1_ja14gme wrote



flyhull t1_ja170ig wrote

I was kidding about the banning but most manufacturers try to make product that accurately reproduces music and price them according to their success. Deviants from this are bose, beats and skull candy who are selling image and brand over and above any fidelity they might have.


TheHiddenToad t1_ja1k9tj wrote

If someone threw them at you hard enough


MapleBaconTree t1_ja0p484 wrote

The regular harms of listening at high volumes apply but from a cursory search there is no harm from infrasound(lower than hearing range, the rumbling advertised) is harmful at low decibel ranges.


AnotherSpecificDuck t1_ja0vhcw wrote

So is infrasound harmful or not? I’m confused


MapleBaconTree t1_ja0vvq3 wrote

Not at any volume that wouldnt already damage your hearing over extended periods


No_Analysis6187 t1_ja1bf8j wrote

The quantity of its bass will surely beat anything else on the market.


AntOk463 t1_ja2a3la wrote

Everything except a car sub strapped to your head.


No-Context5479 t1_ja1aa54 wrote

Well it's the volume you listen at that will hurt your hearing and give you a good friend called Tinnitus


Dangerous-Ad5282 t1_ja0yqe9 wrote

At full volume for long time, maybe


Swoopii11 OP t1_ja0yzx1 wrote

whats a long time? i listen to music 10+hours a day


Dangerous-Ad5282 t1_ja10wk2 wrote

Without a break? Why


Swoopii11 OP t1_ja119so wrote

na like i get up put in my airpods shower listening to music at max drive listining to music ludacrusly loud sit through school always have 1 in workout &hoop with em in go home listen to more eat listining to music and usually have an hour sleep timer so its off when i wake up so essentaly all waking hours with no breaks


noochles t1_ja123l1 wrote

any headphone can hurt you if you listen to it loud enough


OverL1ke t1_ja2l7vp wrote

Just listen at safe volume and everything will be fine,enjoy:)


Blze001 t1_ja378sa wrote

I’ve listened to these before. They’re terrible from an objective audio standpoint and full on gimmick headphones, but god damn they’re fun and made me giggle uncontrollably.


PutPineappleOnPizza t1_ja4q4vi wrote

Imo they don't even have bass.. They just vibrate lol

Ear piercing treble though


StagePuzzleheaded635 t1_ja3jb0l wrote

I don’t think that any nation would allow these on sale if they were dangerous. That being said, I think they may be gimmicky.