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blargh4 t1_je8zxh8 wrote

sure looks like it.

Crin updated his graph tool thing with a measurement of project red with a 75ohm impedance adapter, causing a big subbass boost, which suggests to me its a similar dual driver configuration as the Zero, where you’d get the same effect.


archetype4 t1_je9ngcb wrote

I bet it comes in either two variations, where the only difference is the existence of an impedance adapter in the housing, or it has a version where there's a switch on the shell to either use or bypass the impedance adapter circuit in order to provide a bass boost when you want it. All three would be neat, two cheaper options that's one of the two tunings each, and a pro version with the switch.


ViniRustAlves t1_je9djjk wrote

Will the nozzle be normal sized or is it using the same ear raping wide bore as the Zero's?


SlavJerry t1_je9fixv wrote

I'm pretty sure it would be the same


ViniRustAlves t1_je9ql2x wrote

That's unfortunate because I really liked the Zero's tuning more than the Moondrop Aria's, but it was unbearable to use those IEMs... It took weeks for my ears to unstretch and I get back my perfect seal with my CP100s


AnimeAlt44 t1_jebi63h wrote

Even with the stock narrow bore tips?


ViniRustAlves t1_jecy86r wrote

I tried all tips, even tried to fit my CP100 on them, but they almost got torn apart


Paulex57 t1_je9p5xj wrote

I can already see Sharur's video title


Perdsing88 t1_jeaixl1 wrote

Hes a troll but he's by far the most entertaining audio content creator LOL


zaq9339 t1_jeaunvx wrote

Troll might be his style but if you ignore the spicy takes and hyperboles, he's actually science based. At the end of the day, can't fault the man for demanding objectivist perfection. And he can support his arguments too. Might wanna check out his latest video.


Coalbus t1_jecmdem wrote

I become even more confused about Sharur every time he’s mentioned here.

You have one person saying he’s a troll: Downvoted

You have another person defending him: Also Downvoted

I don’t know what to think 😂


zaq9339 t1_jecsj9d wrote

He is not to be mentioned here. He is considered a 'subversive element' acting to the detriment of the sacred hobby of audiophilia 😆

Make no mistake, I'm no fan of his delivery, I called him out on this once or twice myself. But apart from being unlikable to the general public (and the business side of things) I imagine he doesn't have many fans here for the same reasons a lot of people prefer r/headphones, Head-Fi or their favorite nonscientific youtubers over ASR. Science and snake oil don't go well together. Kinda takes the magical element out of what is for the most part a wild goose chase.

Flame away 🔥


spartaman64 t1_jed4isd wrote

idk all i know was seeing him in a discord claiming he knows exactly how a transducer sounds by just looking at the graph and simulating it in his brain LUL


zaq9339 t1_jed7ff7 wrote

That's the edgy way of delivering the objectivist line 'this measures well/bad therefore hi/lo-fi'. He is an edgelord but he knows a thing or to. If anything people should get mad not at what he says but how he says it. You can really try his latest video. I think it's an honest effort.


spartaman64 t1_jed7l61 wrote

Nah he claimed to know exactly how the Soundstage, imaging, dynamics etc of a headphone is just from simulating it in his brain LUL


kommanditbolag t1_jeeb3yf wrote

I follow him solely because I don't understand what his deal is.


josher814 t1_jeeqgrq wrote

Don’t listen to others. Form your own opinion by watching his content first


Zaxer_ITA t1_je96hof wrote

Just received my truthear zero yesterday....


HTJC t1_jeah4h3 wrote

Be like me and use your leftover IEMs to permanently sit in a bag or in your car or something.


throwninawayyyy t1_jeaboy8 wrote

How is it?


AnimeAlt44 t1_jebi2b2 wrote

Not OP but I like mine. It sounds low res and the bass is shockingly hollow given what the FR looks like but the build is superb, it looks snazzy, is lightweight, has a nozzle with a dust filter, and a comfy cable.


Zaxer_ITA t1_jeaj9bs wrote

I need some some time to properly evaluate it, first impressions are mostly positive tho.

My rotation consists mostly of the Fiio x Crinacle Eclipse and etymotics er3xr, I like bass on my Iems and need good isolation for commuting.

The zero is competitive with the eclipse, but I find it kinda inferior (but for it's price, 42€ on sale, it's already a great achievement) , the eclipse is a bass heaven, but the presentation of the zero seems more punchy and the rest of the spectrum seems less covered (need to do some more a/b testing, at the moment I'm listening mostly to Periphery V and Vildhjarta, so it's on the heavier side)

Need to do some more tip rolling as the stock ones don't fit me so well, I tried the spinfit cp155 I use on the blessing 2s and they are the best so far, as long as you get a proper seal.

Maybe I'll write a short review in a while, but at the moment if you're looking for a bassy yet still well rounded iem and you don't mind the size (it's comparable to the blessing) I would vouch for it.

If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.


rororo013 t1_jeavsd8 wrote

Should I go for the zero or hexa?


Zaxer_ITA t1_jeb1trs wrote

Being the impulsive irresponsible little kid I am, I've ordered the hexa as well, but the zero came from Amazon immediately, the hexa still needs to be shipped by shenzen audio....

Until I have the chance to try them both I give any recommendations


MDZPNMD t1_jeb757u wrote

Got both, found the zero uninteresting. I understand that they have the most harmannish tuning but the Hexas sound much better to me.


ThelceWarrior t1_jeawyab wrote

Probably still gonna be the preferred one anyway, just because it's newer doesn't mean it's better really.


maisaku18 t1_je9875b wrote

I hope it's an improvement over Truthear Zero in terms of technical ability at somewhat the same price range.


dumbestsmartest t1_jealbls wrote

What the heck is this technical ability you're talking about?


thatcarolguy t1_jeb7s6t wrote

Didn't you hear crinkle tuned the technicals for it?


dumbestsmartest t1_jebb5cd wrote

I thought all he did was agree to a branding deal if they made them conform to the Harman curve? Did I misunderstand what he said in that video?

I'm not a fanboy so if he claimed to do more than that then he's got to substantiate that.

Doesn't invalidate any of his data for headphones or IEMs and that's all I use him for. Just another source to collate.


thatcarolguy t1_jece298 wrote

No he closely corresponds with them to make sure they put in all the technicals that he wants them to.


atishay001001 t1_je9jscq wrote

even if the price is double and there is a good performance gain I will be happy


kommanditbolag t1_je9zb5h wrote

I see it will be too large for my ear.

I'm leaving that train.


Pinecone t1_jeag5c3 wrote

I'm so over all these iems getting good sound with huge housings. It's not even necessary when 64 Audio can make top tier sound in a small housing.


Googanhiem t1_je9lqod wrote

HBB let it slip in his last video it was a retuned zero.

Hopefully it’s a driver update as well… a more technical zero would go along with the Golden sound comment about it making a lot of iem’s “pointless”.

Looks like a first outside measure as well,,Not_Project_Red


thatcarolguy t1_jea9off wrote

A more technical zero is a zero with better tuning and/or behaving better in your ears.


Affectionate-Reply19 t1_jeacgrc wrote



artsca t1_jeaiexb wrote

It's cheap if you don't have to engineer around size or shape constraints.


Slammernanners t1_jeazegp wrote

How does Etymotic stay smaller than anything else while having some of the cheapest IEMs around?


Matasa89 t1_jeb4ljp wrote

By raping your earhole lengthwise.


TooMuchMech t1_ject652 wrote

Seriously not interested in having my brain shame tickled, I'll continue to stick ear dice in just the tip style, thanks.


sorijealut t1_jea4ndu wrote

Why does it have to be this shell though? Not a fan of the size.


DesTiny_- t1_je91ydm wrote

Wonder if drivers are any different, otherwise it will be an upset I guess.


ThelceWarrior t1_jedynrb wrote

Why does it matter lol, the sound signature is different and that's kinda all that matters really.


DesTiny_- t1_jee0d0p wrote

No it isn't since I'm seeking a better technical performance as well, otherwise it's just a side grade.


ThelceWarrior t1_jee1rck wrote

There is no real way for acustic engineers to "improve technical performance" besides making changes to the drivers, the IEM shell itself or using different meshes and these will directly affect the FR too.


DesTiny_- t1_jee1z8p wrote

>making changes to the drivers

Yes, this is exactly what I want


ThelceWarrior t1_jee25uq wrote

Yeah but what changes do you actually expect? Again what I meant is making changes so that it affects the frequency response, there isn't actually a magic button they can press that "improves technicalities" really.

Knowing audiophiles one way to do so would be to increase the price of the IEM.


DesTiny_- t1_jee2fde wrote

I expect a better drivers, that's it. I understand that they will affect cost so I don't expect them to make a 50$ monarc mk 2 level of technical performance but Zeros DD's can definitely be replaced with better ones(like the ones which olina is using) and it will affect technical performance in a good way.


ThelceWarrior t1_jee3lyw wrote

Not necessarily really, if anything just using the Olina drivers will likely make them sound worse altogether since those drivers weren't designed to be used with the TE0 shell.


DesTiny_- t1_jee3zn7 wrote

I understand that u have to tune different drivers differently to match Ur target FR graph and my point still remains since nothing can stop truthear from adjusting shell and nozzles and crinacle to tune different drivers to his new target, my point about driver upgrade still remains since as I said Zero with different FR response is a side grade and only a driver upgrade with good tuning can make me want to buy project red.


ThelceWarrior t1_jee4gds wrote

You are kind of missing the point here, tuning and "better technicalities" is pretty much something that's directly related so these two will likely perform differently anyway.


DesTiny_- t1_jee4w4f wrote

Yes I agree but the difference won't be that significant ( at least in my eyes), especially considering how zero is already a pretty much tuned excellent. On the other hand a different (better) driver with a good engineering work (including tuning) can give much noticeable boost in technical abilities. Tuning is not everything, otherwise 1k sets would make zero sense since u could basically tune a 20$ single DD iem good enough to make a 90% performance of that higher end iem.


CityQuokka t1_je9mpuf wrote

Anyone have an idea what price bracket these would fall under?


Ekank t1_jea9qta wrote

Truthear One


vext01 t1_jeak8n0 wrote

How much?


zaq9339 t1_jeb068v wrote

Any news from the man himself as to when these beauties drop? Any word from anyone at all?


VelvitHippo t1_jea5vv3 wrote

That looks like some devil sushi


rudbear t1_jebszts wrote

What if it's just A Truthear Zero tuned to IEF instead of Harman in-ear?


Jeyes_Elite t1_jeauby7 wrote

So many dry aged steak posts lately I straight up thought this was dinner at first glance


blak000 t1_jeb2zea wrote

Mmmm... beef jerky.


MoonWun_ t1_jedkvla wrote

Can see that it’s the same shell shape as the zeros. Big fan of the at the zeros sounded, just didn’t fit me properly, but that’s my own ears. Only IEM I’ve been able to comfortably use is the IE300


VisceralVoyage420 t1_jedomjq wrote

Wow I'm sure these will be groundbreaking! Or maybe not.


sussywanker t1_je9bj8b wrote

Pls have a waifu.



dadanobel OP t1_je9xuy8 wrote

With some yoghurt?..


sussywanker t1_je9z3jx wrote


But I would mind them but the western audience (unlike me) won't like it so I have no hope.


boddhum t1_je9p0l3 wrote

Is that the legendary most uncomfortable 64audio aka OG CCA aka OG KZ aka Subtonic aka symphonium audio shells?