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sverek t1_je9kvco wrote

I honestly wouldn't expect chi-fi to last, its like condoms, try it once and its done.

And sadly reviewers do not tell us anything about built issues, they just open box of IEMs, listen to them for a few days and tell us how amazing it sound, done. Sad, but hyping product brings attention and viewers.

Still using my Dunu Titan 5(Five) after years of abuse, darn thing built like a tank.


MDZPNMD t1_jeamvjc wrote

You wouldn't expect them to last while yours lasts for years?


sverek t1_jeeaojs wrote

Wait, I thought Dunu Audio is Taiwan maker. Thank you for correction!


MDZPNMD t1_jeejlxq wrote

They are but produced in China, Sony is also japanese but the MH755 are also produced in China as far as I know.

I'd call all of them Chifi but I can see that many would see it differently.