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mans_not_hot OP t1_jdzvmvd wrote

So I've had the crushers for a while and I listen to them occasionally for some dumb fun. I'm into having white noise while I work but I usually just listen to good old rain noise and all that. I was today years old when I realised there's a WHOLE ASS SUBGENRE FOR PLANE SOUNDS. I'm a pretty big plane person and I love flying so I was like fk it maybe the crushers could add some depth with the weird rumble and I was right.

I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH If you have crushers dust them off and do yourself a favour and try it!!!

Edit: I've now tried the same track on all my other headphones to make sure I'm not going insane and the crushers just hit different.


daddyyeslegs t1_je11n76 wrote

Crushers and flight simming could be fun! One of the things that I really like about having well imaging headphones is that when I play rally Sims, I can hear gravel bouncing off my rear wheels.

Man I gotta get a HOTAS setup.


Icy_Ad4813 t1_je1dq9t wrote

Over ear (big) DD bass is a great basshead experience. Don't have the knowledge to top that with an IEM so far for example.


PapaOneInch t1_je0i9la wrote

Crushers have their purpose, its a basshead paradise and nothing else. Ive had deep rooted earwax get pushed out after an hour of max bass listening on my pair. I think theyre great, as long as sound quality isnt your first priority. Also most of (id say 90%) of friends who arent experienced in the audiophile space love the crushers the most out of my small collection. The faces they make after listening to a song like massive attack by angel never let me down. Its something else


maXXXjacker t1_je0itrb wrote

I love my Crusher Evo's. They are like the weekend warrior of headphones. They are out for a good time, getting blackout drunk at nightclubs, busting the sickest moves out on the dance floor, projectile vomiting on cocktail waitresses and the next day waking up in some random persons bed, time to escape! When the weekend is over the Hifimans come back out, put their suit and tie on and do the 9x5 grind.

lol okay, maybe not that colorful but they are a lot of fun and sound good, great headphone to accompany your everyday driver when you just want to let loose and let your basshead fantasies run wild. Instant smile.


ve_ t1_je0r6d1 wrote

I'm sold. Waiting for the next sale on them xD


Xane1985 t1_je1tvsk wrote

Never underestimate the crushers. I've been laughed at for my madness, but I seriously believe that as soon as someone can pull off "Hi-fi" crushers, the community will feel the revelation like an earthquake


csch1992 t1_je04u6e wrote

Are they bassi like beats are? I kinda don't trust them 🤣


mans_not_hot OP t1_je0d798 wrote

They're very different to beats imo. Beats are very boomy in terms of bass while the crushers are just intense to the point where the bass gets painful at times. But they have a slider to control the bass drivers so you can find the sweet spot.


ATypeOfRacer t1_je0862f wrote

They really aren't that bad of you find yourself listening to podcasts, movies, and upbeat music. Coming from a person with stuff like susvara and the blessing 2s, they can't even touch those. But, there crushers don't do anything really bad, know there place, last the day, and are comfortable. Covers all the bases for me tbh


insaneinthecrane t1_je1ymjv wrote

Barely even comparable . Wayyyy more visceral actual sub bass. Wayy more impact. Not as much mid and upper bass boom


5uperman8atman t1_je2ptdx wrote

The bass sound being boomy is not really the point of Crushers. It's the rumbling. It's a fun toy! Gun shots and explosions literally rattle your skull. So you want them to go boom! I got some for my son and I borrow them every now and then for games and movies. I still giggle! They actually do sound pretty decent too. He has the Evos. The mids and treble are actually pretty good. They are decent enough that I often wish I could turn the rumble off completely and just enjoy the music, but if you do you won't get any bass at all. So I don't really use them for music very often.


Supahvaporeon t1_je48omu wrote

I would highly recommend The Guild of Ambiance if you want crazy good ambiance stuff. It is YouTube/Spotify compression, but they do have a Patreon for higher end audio.


Plastic_Ad_7733 t1_je11ltz wrote

That ain't an eargasm, it's just your ears bleeding due to the bass.


Different_Seaweed850 t1_je154rk wrote

Great use of a corner for your set up, are the two extra monitors mounted to the walls?


SmashedSugar t1_je378w5 wrote

sometimes you just gotta have a fun pair of mega bassy headphones.


mak1ato_mrPh t1_je4llos wrote

are those razer orca looking AKGs lol?


KilgoretheTrout55 t1_je7sh0a wrote

I love crushers. You can find them for like 85 bucks for the new repair, and it does exactly what it says it's going to do.

Although there is an annoying bug or hiccup where you have to do a reset sometimes to get the base slider to work.

Obviously it's not going to be great for detail retrieval or anything! But it's really fun, not very expensive and worth having in a collection. Imo....


PutPineappleOnPizza t1_je1pgny wrote

Eh, to me these don't have bass.. They have haptic rumble that creates an illusion of way more bass than there actually is.

My gf loves her pair, to me they're absolutely weird.


123test-test123 t1_je38gye wrote

If the illusion works it's not an illusion right?


PutPineappleOnPizza t1_je5941i wrote

Depends on the person, for me it doesn't work and they're surprisingly sharp in treble.. Must be great to like them, I can see why these are popular and liked by many


[deleted] t1_je0qxex wrote



maXXXjacker t1_je1712g wrote

Not all Crusher variants sound the same, do you recall what version you had?

The whole point of this headphone is to mimic a subwoofer and it certainly accomplishes that goal.

The sound quality on my Crusher Evo is far better than the original and ANC versions. The sound quality on the Crusher isn't out to try and outdo any headphone within the same or similar price ranges. It sounds as good or better than generic Chinese wireless BT headphones that you can find on amazon that I've heard with the bass slider turned down. In short I don't feel like I just pissed into the wind by buying them or got taught a lesson for buying a 'Skullcandy'. Absolutely serviceable.

The Crusher is more of an experience, a mood and most definitely shouldn't be replacing your primary headphone. The Crusher is all about big stupid sounding bass. The haptic bass slider is a game changer for somebody like me. I've been searching far and wide for headphones that can hit HARD and DEEP without sounding like shit or making me reach deep into the pocket book to buy something like a legendary bass monster such as the Fostex TH-900 or any other headphone that is going to be completely unnecessary for something I'm not going to use all the time. I've considered buying Audeze LCD headphones to EQ them but again, price and use case isn't really justified for me.

Back to that haptics, it certainly gives me the illusion of having a sub woofer in my headphone, yes it shakes, yes it lacks nuance and could be considered one note and that is the whole point, it feels like I have a night club on my head and nothing else that I've tried can replicate that. I've tried my hand at buying headphones that people claim have a lot of bass or are basshead cans. X2HR was my first. Nope. Tried Meze 99 noir (launch version), close but the bass is too swampy, HarmonicDyne Zeus, GTFO with that, Hifiman R9, nice bass detail and punch but not hitting hard enough. I've tried to supplement bass through EQ and buying up amps like iFi Zen series for a double dose of xbass however this still doesn't get me even close to what the Crusher Evo can do for me.

Basically what I'm trying to say here is that for the price asked, there is no fu@king around with the Crusher Evo, it delivers the goods and doesn't require a ton of money or jacking around finding a headphone that can make my basshead fantasies come true. This is literally all I need for this niche and the sound I'm looking for personally.

Will it work for you, one can only hope so but I wouldn't plan on getting any kind of audiophile or spiritual experience in sound quality other than it might make you want to make a martini, smack some ass and get your groove on.


wheniztheend t1_je18j9f wrote

I didn't know there were different versions. But if I want bass, I still want good sound quality. So I'd rather go with some Denon headphones. Or some bass heavy iem's. My shuoer s12's for example have amazing bass if I use EQ on my PC, and boost the lows below 100 hz. Even my kz zs10 pros can do the same. It's just the mids and highs of the crushers I had were just alright. And they weren't offensive. It's just I think of these headphones as more of a gimmick. Cool if you enjoy the gimmick.


maXXXjacker t1_je1furl wrote

Oh for sure, for sound quality the S12 has that in spades along with bass quality and quantity. It just can't mimic the gimmick (new meme?).

Fair assessment in that regard that the Crusher is not going to compete on this level other than delivering on its gimmick.


wheniztheend t1_je1g301 wrote

ok, then yes, fully agree. Crushers are fun, as long as you know what you're in for. Just childish fun. But also nothing wrong with that.


maXXXjacker t1_je1keq3 wrote

You nailed it!

Sometimes that childish fun is what the doctor ordered!


MlleSemicolon t1_je3vvas wrote

> Will it work for you, one can only hope so but I wouldn’t plan on getting any kind of audiophile or spiritual experience in sound quality other than it might make you want to make a martini, smack some ass and get your groove on

Just want to say you have a way with words and I’m here for it!