Submitted by MimC_06 t3_126vfav in headphones

So I dropped my headphones last night and now they aren't working in the left ear. I can feel something is broken under the mesh.

Am I completely screwed?

If I am completely screwed, any recommendations for something built more durable and have comparable performance would be great.

My good ol' AKG k240mkII to the rescue for now.



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PimpmasterMcGooby t1_jebdlhm wrote

I spit on Hifiman's build quality, but to be honest, in this case it probably wasn't their fault.

Planar magnetic headphones are generally more prone to damage from drops and such, than dynamic drivers. This is because the drivers are much thinner than traditional headphones.

Unfortunate that your's broke nonetheless, maybe consider a dynamic driver if durability is a concern. Don't really have any suggestions off the top of my head, the Meze109s are somewhat close to the XS IMO, but I prefer the XS ultimately, and they also cost more.


MimC_06 OP t1_jebh471 wrote

Yeah I'm not blaming hifiman for this one. I should have a safer place to store them where they can't fall so easily.


f3llyn t1_jeearwu wrote

> I spit on Hifiman's build quality, but to be honest, in this case it probably wasn't their fault.

It is 100% their fault. It's due to how the plug housing is soldered that causes it to break easily.

Most of their headphones have the same flaw. That's why we keep seeing the same threads about the same issues with the same fucking headphones.

Dropping them only likely exacerbated the problem.


PimpmasterMcGooby t1_jeeghew wrote

But we also can't rule out that a drop wouldn't also break any other planar magnetic's diaphgram. At the end of the day, their films are so thin, that I would baby any planar in my posession.


f3llyn t1_jeeh603 wrote

I dropped my LCD-X and they still work great. I've dropped lots of different headphones over the years, none of them broke from just 1 drop.

Literally 100% of the hifimans I've had the displeasure of briefly owning didn't require a drop to break, all I had to do was wear them.

You like them, I get it. But let's not pretend like outside of being dropped hifimans don't just break from regular use. And far more commonly than an other brand out there.


PimpmasterMcGooby t1_jeeht7i wrote

I never once said that, that's why I said that I spit on Hifiman build quality, it's genuinely terrible. I suppose my main mistake was saying "wouldn't" instead of "couldn't" in my most recent comment.


Chastity23 t1_jeerezk wrote

>Planar magnetic headphones are generally more prone to damage from drops and such, than dynamic drivers. This is because the drivers are much thinner than traditional headphones.

I've dropped my M1570 from my desk a few times, and they still work just fine. So, this sounds more like HifiMan rationale than truth.


radrod69 t1_jebbyw7 wrote

Well someone just posted news of an Audeze MM-100 coming out soon for $399. If it's anything like the MM-500 it's bound to be great, and Audezes are built like tanks.


Rogue-Architect t1_jebigan wrote

While I think the MM-100 will probably compare sonically (speculation and Audeze lover), it looks like the headband is from the Mobius so it won't be the same metal yokes and headband but instead a plastic one. If you want something built like a tank, you will need to go up to the Audeze LCD-2C or if durability is your number 1 priority I would check our Beyerdynamic. Every part is user replaceable and while the Audeze are sturdy I wouldn't want to drop them whereas the Beyers are pretty capable of being handled pretty poorly and being just fine. That's kind of the thing with Hifiman though, sounds punches way above the price but the build quality leaves a lot to be desired. So to get a true sonic comparison you typically have to go a bit up in price.


krucacing t1_jecq654 wrote

maybe the 2c also will broke if dropped, all that mass have to go somewhere 😁


Rogue-Architect t1_jecssoh wrote

Yeah if it was from a standing position to the ground I'm sure it would not be great but I think off a head to a desk is probably ok. I have heard they are so massive they actually form a crater as opposed to getting dinged. That is where I definitely think Beyer takes the cake. They are made for all day studio abuse.


MimC_06 OP t1_jebneqy wrote

I am seriously considering just getting a pair of LCD2's actually and just making sure I am more careful.

What beyerdynamics would ypu recommend? I found the bass a bit lacking on the XS.


Rogue-Architect t1_jebsbak wrote

If it is going to be a fair battle it would need to be the DT-1990 but even still I think the XS are better sonically. I think the LCD-X may be your best bet instead of the 2 due to it's wood cups. If you mean the LCD-2C then that would be another good one but if you can save a little more I think the X is the way to go. Just so you know, while I prefer it, the sound of Audeze is much wamer/darker than Hifiman. So they have more slam to the bass but no where near the sound stage.


VisceralVoyage420 t1_jed0pim wrote

I went from DT1770 to the XS, I'll never go back to beyerdynamic. Much prefer the bass in the XS after a +3dB low shelf.


Chastity23 t1_jeesgak wrote

Have you considered the Monolith planars? They come with 5 year warranty, and have a metal headband / yokes. And the padding and cups are actual leather (except for the velour cups, comes with 2 sets)

I have the M1070 and M1570 if you have any questions. And I've dropped mine a few times and nothing broke. :) Just be mindful to get them on sale.


Kirov123 t1_jebs06f wrote

I personally love my LCD-2's. I had to get a set of Dekoni pads since the stock pads aren't deep enough for my ears, but with those they are the most comfortable headphones I have worn. And the most comically large. They sound fantastic as well. They move shitton of air too, you really feel the music on your ears.


MostPatientGamer t1_jebsiay wrote

Not the original poster, but when it comes to Beyerdynamis the DT 1990 would be an easy choice unless you are treble sensitive. They take EQ really well so you can adjust bass to taste. They slam better than my LCD2C, though to be fair the bass reproduction is different between planars and dynamics. I love the LCD2C's bass for different reasons, it's a much more atmospheric, all encompassing reproduction bass wise, but the DT1990 will just give you that juicy oomph.

Some people can find them tiring though. I personally don't have a problem listening to them for 8+ hours, but it did take me a week to get used to the sound. Didn't like them too much the first few days.

And the build quality is of course very good. They feel very sturdy and look quite pretty as well.


ttdpaco t1_jebz7jn wrote

>I am seriously considering just getting a pair of LCD2's actually and just making sure I am more careful.

I would recommend saving for a LCD-X or buying one used (make sure it specifies '21.) Otherwise, for $790, the OG Focal Clear is a better buy than the LCD-2. LCD-X is also tbh.


Rogue-Architect t1_jee0y2v wrote

Meh, I thought about that but I am not about to recommend a Focal in a conversation about durability. Though for sound purposes I agree.


ttdpaco t1_jeefhih wrote

Focal clear doesn't have voice coil or durability issues tur elear/elex/old utopia has.


Rogue-Architect t1_jefmkgn wrote

That is true but given the OPs context the headband issue would still be at play. To be clear, the Clear is a phenomenal headphone and I am currently looking for a Utopia to add to my collection but that is the only part that gives me pause. Although I did just see a post of someone retrofitting the headband with the Sundara headband and it looks legit. If I was buying a replacement I would grab the Arya headband but that is what they had on hand and it worked


DClaville t1_jecasag wrote

never have a hifiman product more then 20cm over a surface that shit needs babying.. Could open them and see how bad the damage is


Cyberspace242 t1_jeban3d wrote

Better to just get another pair of Edition XS. You can't beat them. It's not worth buying anything else. Otherwise contact Hifiman and see if you can send them there for repair.


ttdpaco t1_jebzh69 wrote

Unpopular opinion - but you can beat them quite easily by just going to the used market. There's some things the XS does really well for the price range, but the tonality and timbre are not one of them. Not to mention it sounds like a wall of sound without much nuance.


rhalf t1_jecuy3u wrote

With Americans it's a difficult topic, but many people around the world get their great deals by repairing broken equipment. I got some killer cans this way. With my starving student money I wouldn't even afford the stuff that's considered budget here.


rob0tech t1_jecznke wrote

What about the Ananda Stealth tonality and timbre?


ttdpaco t1_jed2qys wrote

Tonality is better, but thr timbre being bad is a universal thing with Hifiman. Even the Susvara suffers a bit from it.