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sverek t1_jdua8j5 wrote

Well, in Japanese the car model written as アリア, so "Aria" would be correct.

I guess Nissan having issues with converting Katagana to Romaji or vise versa. Explains the quality of their cars


sadmanh t1_jduxvas wrote

I didn't know it was the spelling we were talking about, since Nissan these days is pretty shit.


__Beef__Supreme__ t1_jdvc930 wrote

Nissans decently better than it was 5 years ago, the CVT issues seem to be pretty much fixed


sadmanh t1_jdvcx0k wrote

possibly...we only find out about mechanical flaws a few years down the line so it's hard to tell yet. Doesn't help that they're still very much a generic budget brand these days.


phoebdroid t1_jdupvsj wrote

Lol more like they don't care. They never did. Otaku san