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theonlyone38 t1_jd1iyoa wrote

I know its not remotely close in price, but I bought a pair of Sony XM2's for cheap off ebay brand new in the box. They've been my daily drivers for years now. Would buy again if I could.

Are those headphones comfortable?


RemoteMud7695 t1_jd3gxxc wrote

I own these, short answer: no. They’re a weird “compromise” size, too big for on ear and far too small for over ear. Combined with how they squish, my ears hurt after half an hour. It’s a real shame honestly, cuz for $60 - $80 they sound fantastic and have great battery life.


Great_n_powerful_ODD t1_jd1oigt wrote

I prefer earbuds for public. Cause if people don’t notice them and try to talk to me and I flat out ignore them it’s like a bonus. Actually got the akg n400nc. I think they were on sale for 40$


double_chili_cheese t1_jd1lt23 wrote

Where did you find them for that price?


andysaurus_rex t1_jd1oim3 wrote

They’re “$350” but have almost always been sold for $80. They’re the AKG Y600NC. You can find them for $60 pretty much everywhere right now. Probably very good for that price, or even $80.

AFAIK they’re being discontinued and they’re just trying to get rid of them.


1trickana t1_jd2lx6g wrote

For $80 they're very comparable to similar priced products. For $350 they're a complete ripoff


andysaurus_rex t1_jd2m7df wrote

Yeah I don’t think they ever sold for $350. AKG’s website is the only one showing it as a discount from $350. Walmart and other stores show the discount from $80.


TRX808 t1_jd2n9yl wrote

>AFAIK they’re being discontinued and they’re just trying to get rid of them.

I think this is the case for a number of AKG audio products but they always seem to pop up again back on sale. They must have warehouses of these things just sitting around.

Reviews seem solid though, so for $60 it's probably tough to beat. I have the AKG N400 IEM's and the noise cancelling is unimpressive but I bought them more for sound so they were a great buy @ $48 although a bit bulky.


Blackzone70 t1_jd3a1vg wrote

I was tempted to try at at 80 for a while, but them going to $60 got me to pick these up as well. Sound quality is decent, the worst thing about them is probably the AKG app, it usually doesn't even think they are connected to the phone. Btw, anyone have any EQ recommendations?


paulstardrummer t1_jd844au wrote

Agree about the weird ear cups (too big for on-ear, too small for over ear). Does anyone know if it's possible to change ear pads?


ricardo9505 t1_jd1jr6e wrote

I'm 44. I refuse to this day to go wireless on cans. Still won't do it.


andysaurus_rex t1_jd1l4rp wrote

In public it’s simply the best way to go. I know not everyone will agree, but once you realize how it’s like to not have that cable, you’ll realize how often it gets in the way.