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wijnandsj t1_itpxg11 wrote

Sharp edges, big pieces... That's going to be not very comfortable for a lot of people


Daell t1_itq7zsk wrote

They've looked at Shuoer's Tape IEM and got jealous.


fuzeebear t1_itrkerz wrote

I'd give it a chance. Sparks are also a lot chunkier than their wired versions (here's Starfield next to Sparks) and I find them perfectly comfortable.

On the other hand I'm not a fan of the Chu form factor, so for me it's a gamble whenever the earpiece isn't concha-shaped


wijnandsj t1_itro6nf wrote

I'll give them a chance if I can return them. I've got big ear canals and s big tragus. Makes tws hard to find


fuzeebear t1_itrp6ii wrote

Yeah that's the hard part - you're stuck with 'em even if they don't fit.

Based on your description, I'd take a guess that you find an issue with nozzles feeling uncomfortable, with stuff like Bose QuietComfort other ones with oblique angled insertion tending to fit better than most?


wijnandsj t1_ittrzu5 wrote

No not quite.

Stems never feel comfortable, they always hurt. I do need an oblique angled nozzle. And I need big tips. I got XL spinfits for my wired buds, those stay in


sandarai OP t1_itpt7bc wrote

moondrop posted pictures of this iem a while back on weibo, when it was first in production. it looked massive tbh, a lot bigger than something like sony's wf-1000xm3.

i'm pretty sure it won't have anc, if i recall correctly from a conversation on the shenzhen audio discord a while back, and it might be tuned like a 'wireless kato'.

as with any new release, it's all about pricing! moondrop has to price this well to compete - the tws market around 100-200USD is very good, with products like the new galaxy buds and final audio's tws lineup.


Theoneyouknowandask t1_ittdy8v wrote

If they price at more than 100 USD, it wont sell well. Compare to Samsung Buds 2 Pro...the Moondrop is just over price Sony Xm3 with no ANC


KilgoretheTrout55 t1_itu5f0t wrote

I don't think they're going to try to sell tons of them I think it's going to be a more niche high margin product. This is not competing for a lot of the same years as people that will buy the Galaxy buds pro 2.

I guarantee you this will be expensive and high margin, and it won't sell a lot but they'll make a fair amount of each sale.

The value proposition for these are not going to be appealing to people that are shopping between stuff like Sony or apple or 1more.

Personally, I won't buy them in all likelihood but I understand the business model they're going for. I value active noise cancellation, price to performance, app support.

Although I think the Galaxy buds pro 2 have been pretty disappointing. Samsung has a lot of loyal Samsung users that pretty much buy anything they release. That does a lot of heavy lifting for them.


Theoneyouknowandask t1_itzmo7y wrote

Well yes, but actually no. Samsung have never disappointed me with any of their products. Unlike Sony and Apple


sic_erat_scriptum t1_itrzy6u wrote

Starting to think Moondrop fluked out with their handful of successes.


pokeswapsans t1_iu9j6bt wrote

A majority of their products being the best I'm their class isn't a fluke lmao. We haven't even heard these yet eaither.


NonBinaryP t1_itqcxa8 wrote

big ass tws is a no for me, wish they made something like earfun free pro/fiil T2 pro


asineth0 t1_ittf66t wrote

Really excited for this one. Moondrop CEO said it would be a “wireless Kato with PEQ” and that sounds damn impressive.


bithalver t1_itrkk1e wrote

This is a very easy "NO WAY" for me.


Mieko24 t1_itr0zbe wrote

That's an absolute unit!


Solanum_Lord t1_itrtik6 wrote

I remember a discord log of these suggesting they'd come with PEQ, if so this could be quite the piece.


KilgoretheTrout55 t1_itu4yaa wrote

Trying to keep an open mind but not sure about that design. But I guess at this point it's nice to have different design language even if it's not for me


pokeswapsans t1_iu96l6h wrote

People complain about big tws but im a big fan of the galaxy buds line up. Idek weather it's that I don't even care about the size or if I PREFER the bigger size. Eaither way the most important things for me is sound and battery life.