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oratory1990 t1_isbtjed wrote

> Harmon, Ief neutral,. .. can be thought as some widely popular neutral colors like Navy and khaki.

That comparison falls flat, because the question is not "tell me a neutral color" (for colors) or "tell me a neutral amount of bass" (for sound).

The question that the research answered was: "here's a control wheel, dial in the amount of bass that sounds correct while listening to music".
Which is the equivalent of: "here's a control wheel to control the amount of yellow in this picture of a sunflower, dial in the amount of yellow until it looks correct to you".


TheSunflowerSeeds t1_isbtl0b wrote

When your sunflower is coming to the end of it’s blooming period, You may want to use the last rays of the afternoon and evening to cut a few for display indoors, leave it any later and the sunflower may wilt.


Privester t1_isdcagx wrote

Yeah thats a seperate topic and I 100% agree with you there.

Maybe we both want different definitions for the word "neutral" for sound here. Most audiophiles when they say neutral, they prob mean somewhere along the lines of the harmon target. Which was what I was thinking too.

Realizing that using neutral colors as a bad idea. If popular sound signatures are considered neutral.

Does this make sense? Harmon, ief neutral,. .. are considered excellent neutral sound signatures. Soundguy, rtings are considered good. Bassy sound signatures are considered average?