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BaconVonMeatwich t1_it5ea11 wrote

Okay - let's have an equipment list! I'm a home theater guy with a penchant for accurate reproduction; I'm tempted to go down the headphone rabbit-hole but afraid the payoff won't be there.

For your new setup - REW and a calibrated mic are your best friend. Environment & Tuning > tech for so much of listening room pleasure, something you don't necessarily have to worry about in the headphone world.


governmentthief OP t1_it5fdac wrote

Denon AVR S660H

With Dayton Audio MK442T Center channel Subwoofer

That's what I bought for home audio.

Do you want my headphone setup?


Noxinator t1_it65p17 wrote

Am I right that they only cost around 200 dollars? Or am I finding a wrong price because I am not from USA


elzafir t1_it6c8ea wrote

Dayton Audio drivers are cheap and good. They are usually sold in individually or as part of a DIY kit.

I'd say they're on the same level as TangBand, Vifa, Tymphany, Peerless, SB Acoustics (their cheaper ones), etc.