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Cifems OP t1_iwxr1wi wrote

Greetings all, please check out this amazing work of craftsmanship by TOMOWORKS, a Japanese modder & DIY'er.

I have requested permission to share their work here, please take a look!

Build video:

(PS: I recommend DeepL translation if you would like to leave a nice comment, it generally mangles translations less than Google translate)


Danielo944 t1_iwykl6o wrote

Wow, watching that video made me want to buy one 😳


PloxtTY t1_ix0eqnk wrote

Did you see a price/link?


Danielo944 t1_ix0fcv2 wrote

I didn't, but I'm keen on saving money currently so I'm totally okay on not knowing 😅


JustEnoughDucks t1_iwyqtm9 wrote

This just looks like the cans were 3D printed in resin and not finished lol.


blickblocks t1_ix04370 wrote

I think there's something nice about letting material be as they are. Not every 3D printed piece needs to be painted, although I do appreciate a nice bead blast to smooth over layer lines.


Insterquiliniis t1_iwzdnjg wrote

I shall hereby leave my nod of approval for said translation site/app
works really well between less distant languages too


Hukama t1_iwxwnir wrote

anyone's got their trypophobia triggered?


Grand-Function-2081 t1_iwyptc3 wrote

Tbh triangular holes don't trigger my trypophobia nearly as much as circular ones, and same with holes on metal/plastic materials compared to holes on fleshy or leathery materials


Strickens t1_iwytavj wrote

Same here, it's really just circular 'irregular holes'. The triangles do still look kind of gross but don't trigger the anxiety that holes do.


killchain t1_ix00xzs wrote

I'd say I have a mild trypophobia and I'm perfectly fine with this design.


RB181 t1_iwy6ukn wrote

So, how do they sound?


ChrisFox-NJ t1_iwyudup wrote

Looks awesome! But imagine how many spiders could easily hide in there


chetta93 t1_iwz0f8u wrote

Bro 😳


ChrisFox-NJ t1_ix8478j wrote

I‘m really afraid of things like that, and if you ever find a spider in a weird place, you‘ll be too!


G8KK0U t1_ix0sjxm wrote

I watched few other videos of him and his 40mm driver IEM gave me a good laugh. Thx for sharing.


Glassic_Glam_Gars t1_ix130mj wrote

Fuck yeah, this looks awesome. Not sure how the K701s sound by 2022 standards though


indescentproposal t1_ix1d8y6 wrote

dude needs to just start selling those headbands…


Oppenheisenberg t1_iwygxy6 wrote

This forum seems to care mostly about looks rather than sound...


Ksanti t1_iwyh9nc wrote

Almost like the reddit is a visual medium and you cannot convey the audio experience of headphones through images!


VisceralVoyage420 t1_iwyhmqp wrote

I too like pictures, but all I can think of when seeing this picture is "dust". Can't exactly vacuum a headphone.


Oppenheisenberg t1_iwyhh6m wrote

Wow. You are quite daft.

This medium is 95 percent words. You can certainly convey how something sounds thru words.

Nice attempt at defending style over function.


Ksanti t1_iwyo0wt wrote

It's more about "we like headphones and this is interesting to some people"

Stop gatekeeping what is and isn't a valid way of enjoying this silly hobby lol

Upvotes are just a measure of people going "huh that's cool" and hitting a button. Not exactly a surprise that a 3000 word essay on the sound of a headphone has a much smaller audience given half the people looking at any given post are on the toilet


TheHiddenToad t1_iwym66b wrote

My brother in Christ we just like it when our good sounding headphones are also good looking

Screw off and fuck a turnip


misterflappypants t1_iwyu4xi wrote

I like how a bunch of people who have consumer product names proudly displayed below their Reddit username are being critical of your statement… lol