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Oppenheisenberg t1_iwyhh6m wrote

Wow. You are quite daft.

This medium is 95 percent words. You can certainly convey how something sounds thru words.

Nice attempt at defending style over function.


Ksanti t1_iwyo0wt wrote

It's more about "we like headphones and this is interesting to some people"

Stop gatekeeping what is and isn't a valid way of enjoying this silly hobby lol

Upvotes are just a measure of people going "huh that's cool" and hitting a button. Not exactly a surprise that a 3000 word essay on the sound of a headphone has a much smaller audience given half the people looking at any given post are on the toilet


TheHiddenToad t1_iwym66b wrote

My brother in Christ we just like it when our good sounding headphones are also good looking

Screw off and fuck a turnip