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Klefth t1_iwaprnf wrote

But people don't just buy a new pair of 770 or 990 every damn year, do they?

...Do they?


Goldeneye07 OP t1_iwaq1zu wrote

True as well if they break you can buy spare parts directly from them and fix


ravenousglory t1_iwb0u8v wrote

Dude this meme is a nonsense


ZappaLlamaGamma t1_iwbqbj9 wrote

I think we all know. Good headphones, regardless of age, don’t get slower or require updates to run newer music or get hacked by someone in another country while you’re using them.


Arrie78 t1_iwc25wg wrote

you wouldn't download a headphone


teiichikou t1_iwc3qi7 wrote

Hold my beer..

Sorry, didn’t work


Arrie78 t1_iwc4c2b wrote

yeah, you better revert to the factory installed firmware or install the new one


imthecapedbaldy t1_iwg93hi wrote

did you let it burn in first? search for "pink panther theme song" on youtube and just let it play for 69 hours on max volume with an amplifier that has 10x the needed amplification so it can truly loosen the drivers


teiichikou t1_iwgfqg2 wrote

I go with 11x !! The neighbour’s internal ‘drivers’ two streets away need to ‘loosen’ a bit more too


Modo44 t1_iwc4p81 wrote

Not until metal 3D printing becomes reasonably precise...


Kevenolp t1_iweg5el wrote

Be me: it's 2046 and everyone can ear music in their minds Some random hacker: hack my brain implants. Also the hacker: force me to get Rick rolled nonstop Me: lose my mind because the only way to shut the implants is by shutting down the system (dying)

(I dot not have hacker insurance from the Canadian private health system)


LeftRightShoot t1_iwd0eh8 wrote

Oh thank you. I was thinking I should stock up on ear pads but it seems I don't have to panic.


ina_waka t1_iwbwcor wrote

And 90% of people do not upgrade their phones every year.


Klefth t1_iwbx6do wrote

And beyer does not re-re-re-release a new model every year either.


Calfredie01 t1_iwc4n4o wrote

No but show me how a beyer behaves after 10 years next to how any apple product behaves after 10 years


ina_waka t1_iwc9bb6 wrote

I mean there is an argument to be made against Apple for intentionally slowing down their products which is obviously not right, but it’s not really fair to compare a phone to headphones.

Headphone tech has largely stagnated in the last few decades while phone and just processing chip innovations are still increasing at a insanely fast rate. Compare whatever iPhone came out 10 years ago to the most recent one and the differences are so significant. Also all computing hardware becomes outdated insanely fast so the comparison isn’t really to be made. Any computer made in 2012 is not useable today.


Android17_ t1_iwclsii wrote

headphone technology has been developing in the "features" direction more than the audio accuracy direction. Each year BT and wireless features get more advanced. The focus right now is for increased wireless bandwidth, increased battery capacity, and ever smaller DACs and Amps, over incremental improvements with driver technology.


ina_waka t1_iwcoq8z wrote

Which are all things the beyers we are referencing lack.


NashvilleKat_Fan t1_iwci91x wrote

>I mean there is an argument to be made against Apple for intentionally slowing down their products which is obviously not right,

Lawsuit over it forced Apple to admit they were doing it, but the claimed it was because the batteries were going to explode to RAM overload or some shit.


_Tim- t1_iwco3p2 wrote

They removed it for France though.


EraYaN t1_iwcvtfp wrote

It was much more simple than that, the battery would cut out if the current demand was too high resulting is hard resets. So they throttled the current demand.


Calfredie01 t1_iwc9v3i wrote

All of what you said is true but I said any Apple tech, not specifically phones. I worked for a while in retail and repair electronics and can tell you that plenty of Apple headphones were regularly being brought back in within a year or people mentioning them going out and having to buy new ones.