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Goldeneye07 OP t1_iwaq1zu wrote

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True as well if they break you can buy spare parts directly from them and fix


ravenousglory t1_iwb0u8v wrote

Dude this meme is a nonsense


ZappaLlamaGamma t1_iwbqbj9 wrote

I think we all know. Good headphones, regardless of age, don’t get slower or require updates to run newer music or get hacked by someone in another country while you’re using them.


Arrie78 t1_iwc25wg wrote

you wouldn't download a headphone


teiichikou t1_iwc3qi7 wrote

Hold my beer..

Sorry, didn’t work


Arrie78 t1_iwc4c2b wrote

yeah, you better revert to the factory installed firmware or install the new one


imthecapedbaldy t1_iwg93hi wrote

did you let it burn in first? search for "pink panther theme song" on youtube and just let it play for 69 hours on max volume with an amplifier that has 10x the needed amplification so it can truly loosen the drivers


teiichikou t1_iwgfqg2 wrote

I go with 11x !! The neighbour’s internal ‘drivers’ two streets away need to ‘loosen’ a bit more too


Modo44 t1_iwc4p81 wrote

Not until metal 3D printing becomes reasonably precise...


Kevenolp t1_iweg5el wrote

Be me: it's 2046 and everyone can ear music in their minds Some random hacker: hack my brain implants. Also the hacker: force me to get Rick rolled nonstop Me: lose my mind because the only way to shut the implants is by shutting down the system (dying)

(I dot not have hacker insurance from the Canadian private health system)


LeftRightShoot t1_iwd0eh8 wrote

Oh thank you. I was thinking I should stock up on ear pads but it seems I don't have to panic.