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AyeYoYoYO t1_iwav7h9 wrote

BeyerDynamic ain’t fixing what ain’t broken. Look what happened to Sennheiser & AKG now ? They got bought out and are now a hollow shell of their former greatness.

BeyerDynamic is still standing on their own two feet, making the most durable studio headphones in history, that have dependable, sensibly bright for studio work, extremely accurate and representative frequency responses across their entire professional range.


lwhfa t1_iwawazo wrote

I knew Sennheiser was aquired by another company, but I don't know it affected their former greatness. Really curious to know how it's changed.


Skystalker512 t1_iway7eh wrote

It didn’t. People just want something to be pissed off at.


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Extrapaj t1_iwax52w wrote

1990/1770 not that durable

I had two 1770 and one 1990 in a row with a faulty driver, and they seem to have a big problem with that.


AyeYoYoYO t1_iwdq949 wrote

My father had some DT250’s since before I was born and they’re still working perfectly.


Extrapaj t1_iwfleu0 wrote

Yeah but their Tesla 2.0 drivers don't.


Glaringsoul t1_iwb0rsp wrote

Durable tell that to my pairs that I had to RMA like 5 times in the last two years because of actually Shitty production Quality.

Headphones shouldn’t just have a broken slider connection after using them for 3 days.

My old pair of Bose is still holding up after 10+ years but Beyerdynamic apparently is physically incapable of making anything that holds longer than a year.

Maybe some of their even more high end studio stuff is decent, but most of their mid end products are crappily manufactured from my experience…


bluewolf_3 t1_iwb8oqb wrote

I‘ve been using my 990s nearly daily for around 7 years now, including them falling from my desk around 100 times because the armrest of my chair was caught in the cable. Only replaced the pads two times. So either good luck on my side or bad luck on your side


Glaringsoul t1_iwbalpf wrote

I assume really bad luck;

Like I stated the shortest ones before I RMA‘d them was 3 days, where the Part that Connects the Ear Piece to the Arch spontaneously combusted while already sitting on my head.

The support literally wrote me an E-Mail amongst the lines of "Oh shit not that issue, yeah that can happen no problem send them in".

So I’d wager that they had issues in Production with the Lagoon line (my guess is bad plastic) as only the first ones had an issue with the buttons and that was after around 1 year, while the rest all had structural parts failing.

I‘m still awaiting a response on the current RMA I have open, but I highly doubt I’ll be returning to them, in the future.

Sound was good, and the support is nice, but in all honesty, when I’m paying 227 (albeit I bought them at a discount, but directly through them) bucks for headphones I kinda expect to get quality relating to that price.

Can I recommend the sound, Yes

Can I recommend the Product, No


kt4-is-gud t1_iwdg1se wrote

The lagoon is pretty shitty. Dt 770s-990s series are more durable.


AyeYoYoYO t1_iwdqiwv wrote

My father’s DT250, and my T-90 and 1990 are tanks. Also have a colleague whose 990 is a tank, used daily for professional work.