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Beatus_Vir t1_iwb9eak wrote

honestly the lack of obsolescence makes it amazing that high-end audio companies exist at all. so much audio equipment can be something you own for your whole life if you take care of it. I still have the first set of grados I bought in high school ( I'm old)


GL1TCH3D t1_iwbxa64 wrote

Same as apple, or any other phone manufacturer. Release new models with higher price tags. Back 5 years ago or so Noble K10 was the totl at around 2k, now I see they have like $6k IEMs. Almost every company has pushed a model in that $5k+ range lately where 5 years back it was roughly 2k as the top end for most of them. And those in pursuit of a better listening experience are drawn to these ultra high end, even more refined headphones.