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Glaringsoul t1_iwbalpf wrote

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I assume really bad luck;

Like I stated the shortest ones before I RMA‘d them was 3 days, where the Part that Connects the Ear Piece to the Arch spontaneously combusted while already sitting on my head.

The support literally wrote me an E-Mail amongst the lines of "Oh shit not that issue, yeah that can happen no problem send them in".

So I’d wager that they had issues in Production with the Lagoon line (my guess is bad plastic) as only the first ones had an issue with the buttons and that was after around 1 year, while the rest all had structural parts failing.

I‘m still awaiting a response on the current RMA I have open, but I highly doubt I’ll be returning to them, in the future.

Sound was good, and the support is nice, but in all honesty, when I’m paying 227 (albeit I bought them at a discount, but directly through them) bucks for headphones I kinda expect to get quality relating to that price.

Can I recommend the sound, Yes

Can I recommend the Product, No


kt4-is-gud t1_iwdg1se wrote

The lagoon is pretty shitty. Dt 770s-990s series are more durable.