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Klefth t1_iwaprnf wrote

But people don't just buy a new pair of 770 or 990 every damn year, do they?

...Do they?


Goldeneye07 OP t1_iwaq1zu wrote

True as well if they break you can buy spare parts directly from them and fix


ravenousglory t1_iwb0u8v wrote

Dude this meme is a nonsense


ZappaLlamaGamma t1_iwbqbj9 wrote

I think we all know. Good headphones, regardless of age, don’t get slower or require updates to run newer music or get hacked by someone in another country while you’re using them.


Arrie78 t1_iwc25wg wrote

you wouldn't download a headphone


teiichikou t1_iwc3qi7 wrote

Hold my beer..

Sorry, didn’t work


Arrie78 t1_iwc4c2b wrote

yeah, you better revert to the factory installed firmware or install the new one


imthecapedbaldy t1_iwg93hi wrote

did you let it burn in first? search for "pink panther theme song" on youtube and just let it play for 69 hours on max volume with an amplifier that has 10x the needed amplification so it can truly loosen the drivers


teiichikou t1_iwgfqg2 wrote

I go with 11x !! The neighbour’s internal ‘drivers’ two streets away need to ‘loosen’ a bit more too


Modo44 t1_iwc4p81 wrote

Not until metal 3D printing becomes reasonably precise...


Kevenolp t1_iweg5el wrote

Be me: it's 2046 and everyone can ear music in their minds Some random hacker: hack my brain implants. Also the hacker: force me to get Rick rolled nonstop Me: lose my mind because the only way to shut the implants is by shutting down the system (dying)

(I dot not have hacker insurance from the Canadian private health system)


LeftRightShoot t1_iwd0eh8 wrote

Oh thank you. I was thinking I should stock up on ear pads but it seems I don't have to panic.


ina_waka t1_iwbwcor wrote

And 90% of people do not upgrade their phones every year.


Klefth t1_iwbx6do wrote

And beyer does not re-re-re-release a new model every year either.


Calfredie01 t1_iwc4n4o wrote

No but show me how a beyer behaves after 10 years next to how any apple product behaves after 10 years


ina_waka t1_iwc9bb6 wrote

I mean there is an argument to be made against Apple for intentionally slowing down their products which is obviously not right, but it’s not really fair to compare a phone to headphones.

Headphone tech has largely stagnated in the last few decades while phone and just processing chip innovations are still increasing at a insanely fast rate. Compare whatever iPhone came out 10 years ago to the most recent one and the differences are so significant. Also all computing hardware becomes outdated insanely fast so the comparison isn’t really to be made. Any computer made in 2012 is not useable today.


Android17_ t1_iwclsii wrote

headphone technology has been developing in the "features" direction more than the audio accuracy direction. Each year BT and wireless features get more advanced. The focus right now is for increased wireless bandwidth, increased battery capacity, and ever smaller DACs and Amps, over incremental improvements with driver technology.


ina_waka t1_iwcoq8z wrote

Which are all things the beyers we are referencing lack.


NashvilleKat_Fan t1_iwci91x wrote

>I mean there is an argument to be made against Apple for intentionally slowing down their products which is obviously not right,

Lawsuit over it forced Apple to admit they were doing it, but the claimed it was because the batteries were going to explode to RAM overload or some shit.


_Tim- t1_iwco3p2 wrote

They removed it for France though.


EraYaN t1_iwcvtfp wrote

It was much more simple than that, the battery would cut out if the current demand was too high resulting is hard resets. So they throttled the current demand.


Calfredie01 t1_iwc9v3i wrote

All of what you said is true but I said any Apple tech, not specifically phones. I worked for a while in retail and repair electronics and can tell you that plenty of Apple headphones were regularly being brought back in within a year or people mentioning them going out and having to buy new ones.


Bobbyee t1_iwawdje wrote

At least the headphones can last 40+ years :D


japgcf t1_iwbgglu wrote

The drivers maybe. But the rest of mine are falling apart. Admitidly I have been using them very heavily for 5 years.


HeXe_GER t1_iwbhx74 wrote

I have been using my dt990 for over 10 years nearly 10h daily and I only had to replace the pads once. Just wash them and they are good. Also both plastic thingys on the sides broke but thats an easy repair. Rest is fine tbh


japgcf t1_iwckg78 wrote

I've already replaced the pads, but the headband pad the those plastic things are pretty fucked. The handband's leather is falling off and the plastic bits are held on by eletrical tape. They are pretty tough but I sill need to replace those.


R4ttlesnake t1_iwbnlkt wrote

how are your headphones falling apart after 5, I've had mine for 8 and they're pristine after an earpad change


Suicidebob7 t1_iwcv89n wrote

My HD380 Pros made it 10 years, 4 sets of earpads, 2 head pads, and 2 cables.


Shaggy_One t1_iwdbtys wrote

Swap out the earpads and headband (if possible) and it'll feel like brand new.


bootstrapper52 t1_iwbxj8z wrote

Pre-owned Dt880 going strong 4 years plus however long previous owner(s) used them


mister_damage t1_iwdkilf wrote

MDR-V6 has entered the chat. It laughs at modern electronics durability.

Except the earpad because fuck you and your ears.

Note: I still have a working set from the 80s when they were made in Japan.

I also have DT770 600 ohms from the 80s? So... Yes... They last a long time.


NotDavidSchweizer t1_iwauftm wrote

Those are literally opposites. Apple sells you the same phone pretending it's something completely 'new'. Beyerdynamic doesn't give a shit and tells you "Da mein Hurensohn! Nimm dieses perfekte Produkt, natürlich ist es identisch mit dem ersten Modell! Das erste Modell war nämlich schon längst perfekt!"

Edit: German grammar


diollat t1_iwb16h4 wrote

You, my son a bitch! Take this perfect product which is the same as the first model! The first model was perfect!

Been trying to learn German for a while. Did I translate this correctly?


TheDeadBacon t1_iwb1sd7 wrote

Yeah, you got it basically right! You missed a few of the more specific wording used, but that’s honestly OK and not essential for understanding :-)

If you do a 1 to 1 translation you’d probably end up with “Here, my son of a bitch! Take this perfect product, of course it’s identical to the first model! That’s because the first model has been perfect for the longest time!”

Tricky words here being ‘längst’ and ‘nämlich’ because they don’t have a direct english counterpart. Also keep in mind that the original comment isn’t 100% grammatically correct… Hope you learned something :-)


diollat t1_iwb399p wrote

Yeah that last sentence was tricky. I was not able to translate nämlich and längst cause I wasn't familiar with those words. Vielen dank für die Tipps!


BehaveWithClass t1_iwb1syi wrote

I‘d say you‘re close enough. It‘s definitely not word-by-word identical, but content wise you got it right. Keep it up! (And don‘t take this German too seriously cause it is wrong gramatically)


diollat t1_iwb3cak wrote

Nice, close enough is good for me. Danke für die Antwort!


NotDavidSchweizer t1_iwb3sih wrote

Wait help me out, where did I fuck up?


BehaveWithClass t1_iwb4td0 wrote

"Da mein Hurensohn! Nimm diese perfekte Produkt, natürlich ist es identisch an dem ersten Modell! Das erste Modell war nämlich schon längst perfekt!" Should have been: „Da mein Hurensohn! Nimm dieses perfekte Produkt, natürlich ist es identisch mit dem ersten Modell! Das erste Modell war nämlich schon längst perfekt!"

Only two small errors, hope I could be of help :)


coolmanjack t1_iwb7snd wrote

It's not the same phone though. There are consistent, meaningful changes year-over-year within product lines.


spwyll t1_iwb9qve wrote

Depending on your definition of "meaningful."


coolmanjack t1_iwbbb92 wrote

Well yeah but that doesn't invalidate their meaning to at least some users.

To a boomer who barely uses their phone and only uses it for calls when they do use it, there might be no meaningful difference between an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 14 Pro Max, but that doesn't mean the phones aren't hugely different.

Meanwhile, to a tech nerd who constantly uses their phone to its fullest extent, the differences each year in camera quality, battery life, screen quality (notch size, brightness, etc), processing power, miscellaneous new features, etc are certainly meaningful upgrades.

Like sure, the generalized experience for most people from one year to the next ain't gonna be much different, but that doesn't justify calling it the "same phone every year."


8020GroundBeef t1_iwbne0k wrote

Even a total luddite would see a difference between the 14 pro max and the 5. The screen is like 4x bigger by area.

It’s also brighter and refresh rate is noticeable, which most people would pick up on.

I think the big thing here is the concept that everyone upgrades their phone every year. Phone manufacturers make small but consistent changes each year - consecutive models may not be drastically different, but over 3 years they are. If you hardly use your phone, you might wait 4+ years to upgrade. If you use it all the time, maybe 2.


coolmanjack t1_iwbot2q wrote

Well of course they'd see the difference, but that's not the same as the difference being meaningful to them (which, for the aforementioned mega boomer who only makes calls, it might not be). Such a person certainly wouldn't notice the increased refresh rate lol

As for your main point, I'm not sure I see the relevance? The vast majority of people don't upgrade their phone every year, and most who do are enthusiasts who care about the lil differences, or very wealthy people who don't care about the money and just automatically get the newest one when it comes out because why not.


spwyll t1_iwgkz7p wrote

So your example of a "consistent, meaningful change year-over-year within product lines" is to compare two phones that are nine years apart and from two different product lines.

Seems a bit of a reach...


[deleted] t1_iwgx6wu wrote



headphones-ModTeam t1_iwhq0kb wrote

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>Rule 1: Be most excellent towards your fellow redditors > > And by "be most excellent" we mean no personal attacks, threats, bullying, trolling, baiting, flaming, hate speech, racism, sexism, or other behavior that makes humanity look like scum.

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decadentrebel t1_iwbdcal wrote

Not to mention that Beyerdynamics doesn't change the price drastically while Apple raises it despite taking out plug-in adapters and certain features (3.5mm jack) with incremental (but refined) upgrades. Samsung is guilty of this too recently, tbf.


Modo44 t1_iwc4w95 wrote

Are we ignoring the real improvements in driver technology? That meme makes no sense however you turn it.


AnOldMoth t1_iwd6o10 wrote

Beyers are hardly perfect. DT stands for Death Treble after all.


NotDavidSchweizer t1_iwdn2hk wrote

DT also stands for Deutsche Tradition. Which is quite lovely I think


AnOldMoth t1_iwdsel1 wrote

I know, it was a joke, lol. I was teasing the fact that all of them except the 880 have crazy treble spikes.


FinalLevi t1_iwb0h02 wrote



MrWarfaith t1_iwb146x wrote

German. Basically: yeah fuck off, it's been great since the beginning, so we keep making it that way.


Aevum1 t1_iwb0hck wrote

on one hand, the 770 or 990 are pretty good over the hear headphones,

and if beyer is sweating, Stax dosnt give a shit anymore.


Harold_Spoomanndorf t1_iwb37nz wrote

What's the old saying? If it ain't broke.....


tanay2043 t1_iwb7hk7 wrote

Can you explain what this whole thing means ?


HerrEurobeat t1_iwbcrv6 wrote

'this whole thing' usually describes an object referenced in the same context looking at it from a bigger picture or context



tanay2043 t1_iwbct6o wrote

Aww man tell me


HAL-Over-9001 t1_iwbrciu wrote

If it ain't broke don't fix it, in this context just means that if the headphones are good it won't change much, hence why some models are almost exactly the same as 30 year old pairs.


tanay2043 t1_iwbrz8g wrote

Like which models are those ? 30 years and they have the same drivers ???


HAL-Over-9001 t1_iwbsc0b wrote

The meme didn't give a model, just the brand which is Beyerdynamics. The 770 and 990 are very popular and haven't changed much design wise, but I have no idea about the inner components changing or not. You'd have to look up the manuals for each model throughout the years and compare, unless somebody has written up a comprehensive post/video about it


Lelouch25 t1_iwaquxn wrote

With the same attached coiled cables too… 😹


AyeYoYoYO t1_iwav7h9 wrote

BeyerDynamic ain’t fixing what ain’t broken. Look what happened to Sennheiser & AKG now ? They got bought out and are now a hollow shell of their former greatness.

BeyerDynamic is still standing on their own two feet, making the most durable studio headphones in history, that have dependable, sensibly bright for studio work, extremely accurate and representative frequency responses across their entire professional range.


lwhfa t1_iwawazo wrote

I knew Sennheiser was aquired by another company, but I don't know it affected their former greatness. Really curious to know how it's changed.


Skystalker512 t1_iway7eh wrote

It didn’t. People just want something to be pissed off at.


[deleted] t1_iwdq592 wrote



headphones-ModTeam t1_iwenrd0 wrote

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>Rule 1: Be most excellent towards your fellow redditors > > And by "be most excellent" we mean no personal attacks, threats, bullying, trolling, baiting, flaming, hate speech, racism, sexism, or other behavior that makes humanity look like scum.

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Extrapaj t1_iwax52w wrote

1990/1770 not that durable

I had two 1770 and one 1990 in a row with a faulty driver, and they seem to have a big problem with that.


AyeYoYoYO t1_iwdq949 wrote

My father had some DT250’s since before I was born and they’re still working perfectly.


Extrapaj t1_iwfleu0 wrote

Yeah but their Tesla 2.0 drivers don't.


Glaringsoul t1_iwb0rsp wrote

Durable tell that to my pairs that I had to RMA like 5 times in the last two years because of actually Shitty production Quality.

Headphones shouldn’t just have a broken slider connection after using them for 3 days.

My old pair of Bose is still holding up after 10+ years but Beyerdynamic apparently is physically incapable of making anything that holds longer than a year.

Maybe some of their even more high end studio stuff is decent, but most of their mid end products are crappily manufactured from my experience…


bluewolf_3 t1_iwb8oqb wrote

I‘ve been using my 990s nearly daily for around 7 years now, including them falling from my desk around 100 times because the armrest of my chair was caught in the cable. Only replaced the pads two times. So either good luck on my side or bad luck on your side


Glaringsoul t1_iwbalpf wrote

I assume really bad luck;

Like I stated the shortest ones before I RMA‘d them was 3 days, where the Part that Connects the Ear Piece to the Arch spontaneously combusted while already sitting on my head.

The support literally wrote me an E-Mail amongst the lines of "Oh shit not that issue, yeah that can happen no problem send them in".

So I’d wager that they had issues in Production with the Lagoon line (my guess is bad plastic) as only the first ones had an issue with the buttons and that was after around 1 year, while the rest all had structural parts failing.

I‘m still awaiting a response on the current RMA I have open, but I highly doubt I’ll be returning to them, in the future.

Sound was good, and the support is nice, but in all honesty, when I’m paying 227 (albeit I bought them at a discount, but directly through them) bucks for headphones I kinda expect to get quality relating to that price.

Can I recommend the sound, Yes

Can I recommend the Product, No


kt4-is-gud t1_iwdg1se wrote

The lagoon is pretty shitty. Dt 770s-990s series are more durable.


AyeYoYoYO t1_iwdqiwv wrote

My father’s DT250, and my T-90 and 1990 are tanks. Also have a colleague whose 990 is a tank, used daily for professional work.


MiCon29 t1_iwb1k98 wrote

I think it's different. Apple changes very little.. And then sells it as a new model. Beyer don't make new models every year.. Do they? (serious question). And as long as its working you can keep it, maybe sell it, but no ads or events about 'new 1990'


AngryTank t1_iwb7rm9 wrote

Their wireless audio they release every year.


MiCon29 t1_iwb88dk wrote

That's probably not the same set of headphone for 40 years as mentioned


Beatus_Vir t1_iwb9eak wrote

honestly the lack of obsolescence makes it amazing that high-end audio companies exist at all. so much audio equipment can be something you own for your whole life if you take care of it. I still have the first set of grados I bought in high school ( I'm old)


GL1TCH3D t1_iwbxa64 wrote

Same as apple, or any other phone manufacturer. Release new models with higher price tags. Back 5 years ago or so Noble K10 was the totl at around 2k, now I see they have like $6k IEMs. Almost every company has pushed a model in that $5k+ range lately where 5 years back it was roughly 2k as the top end for most of them. And those in pursuit of a better listening experience are drawn to these ultra high end, even more refined headphones.


Agitated-Bug542 t1_iwazidx wrote

they don't try to sell it to you as a completely new innovative product


ItsCajunTime t1_iwc36s1 wrote

I get that they're still businesses but honestly the thing that's shocked me the most about the audio hobby is how shockingly pro-consumer it is compared to other tech related hobbies and the fact that companies actually listen to customer feedback


writing-nerdy t1_iwb5liu wrote

I'm not 40+ but I have seen the dt 150 for many years and still have never had the chance to try them but they're definitely on the list!


hesitation_station t1_iwco9e8 wrote

I've got a pair. Love em, especially with different pads


writing-nerdy t1_iwpxi4f wrote

Yeah the original pads look a bit uncomfortable, but I bet they make a good seal!


i_just_got_lost t1_iwb16k9 wrote

Which of their headphones is most durable for casual listening. I have had sennheiser momentum for around 8 years now and want to replace them


kt4-is-gud t1_iwdfpt4 wrote

I have both dt 770s and dt 990s for over 10 years and they are both very durable and in good condition.


AngryTank t1_iwb7ub4 wrote

Beats Studios /s

In my opinion I think the Amirons were pretty comfortable and sounded great, though not a fan of the 770 or 880.


MiCon29 t1_iwb69sx wrote

If I recall, hd600 or 650 was like 15yrs old before it got replaced.. Yes it's not beyer.. But still. And to me, that shows that you have a good one if it still sells despite the age


homesicalien t1_iways3c wrote

Yeah, let's compare '83 Land Rover Defender to a modern electric city car.


UnnecessaryMovements t1_iwbekdw wrote

Hey if it ain't broke, don't make 2nd gen (talking to you T1)


dstarr3 t1_iwbmeao wrote

At least Beyer isn't saying the same headphone is "New and improved!" every year while jacking up the price 10% each time


WarHead75 t1_iwbs9vt wrote

And why is it always the summit fi headphones having the problems after a year vs 500 yr old HD600s that you won’t touch again after hearing the higher end stuff.


ChrisLikesGamez t1_iwcx8r8 wrote

Apple markets the phone as new and better, when they're the same shit, and over time they get slower and the battery life gets worse.

Beyerdynamics sells you a pair of 990s and they last 40 years and continue to work.

Also I can repair my beyerdynamics, but my iPhone will throw error messages or disable faceid.


Inerthal t1_iwb6d2n wrote

That's right. And I'll still be using them 40 years from now.

I hope.


Odd-Spend-8757 t1_iwbbqp6 wrote

Tried two pairs of 990 (250 and 80 ohms) and both had distortion issue on low end and warbling sound with voices. Their quality sucks.


waddiewadkins t1_iwbg2rc wrote

177X GO with mod pads?? .. Best portable closed back audiophile ??.. Denon D7200??.... any thoughts?? €699 is my budget and preferable no amp thanks!


Pschulniknof t1_iwe6s5b wrote

Focal Radiance is nice for portable use, otherwise the new Bathys seems to be also very good.


waddiewadkins t1_iwe7ch6 wrote

Thanks..yeah Bathys fair enough, big step-up from XM3 Sony I'm sure!...Denon d7200 looking interesting.


Pschulniknof t1_iwf1lfn wrote

I'm not sure if the d7200 is optimal for portable use. As I believe they are semi-closed.


waddiewadkins t1_iwgejkn wrote

Ok thanks. I missed that.. Sony Z7 vs DCA Noire right now.. maybe new Sundara Closed..thinking Z7 is my goldilocks, easier to drive, dont look like a man working on a airport runway... but if Noires were a noticeable leap over Z7 I might consider portable amp and public ridicule...(ireland).. also my genre is mostly all electronic.


Pschulniknof t1_iwj21fn wrote

The DCA Noire will be really difficult to drive. You'll definitely need a proper amp for those. Can't say anything about the Sony's.


waddiewadkins t1_iwkn0dw wrote

C almighty tho,, just the drivers number of mm's on the Sony is enough for me to just be placebo'd into nirvana cos coming from "run of the mill" bt cans... 70mm.. that's 20 more than most anything. The literal idea of knowing they are that just has a placebo boost to it alone if you dont know any better. I wouldn't mind having an amp for the Noires. I'd probably get a sexy looking THX or Cobalt dragonfly. In fact having an amp anyway would just life style aesthetic wise take them over the top into James Bond land


waddiewadkins t1_iwe86n4 wrote

Sorry I said that already I see! ... my bad.. what else then.. Sundara Closed .. that new Audio Technica ah yes WP 900


Obokan t1_iwbhruf wrote

That is like comparing Apples to headphones it ain't the same


Reasonable-Series-78 t1_iwbnrfd wrote

In not sure that this one really makes sense. The headphones are analog devices. Someone could easily get by with a new in box original DT990 (or whatever) from decades ago. But, an original iPhone from 15 years ago may not even work completely on some networks with its 3G receiver. I think most are already shutdown and that's before you even consider any of the other upgrades. Comparing headphones to a hammer would probably make more sense.


josir1994 t1_iwe5yse wrote

You missed the point, the OP is the meme, not the image


Bgaming63 t1_iwbxohl wrote

Good headphones stay good. Mediocre smartphones get worse.


llIicit t1_iwc2uji wrote

Even longer. DT150’s have been around since the 60’s lol


jonas_ML t1_iwceyyu wrote

AKG k240 being sold for 50 years: hold my beer


MrBarkan t1_iwcf4qv wrote

I daily drive a Sony MDR 7506, replace the pads a few times and modded the cable with a rubber band extracted from a folder. I'm procrastinating on making the removable cable mod, will get to it some day.


Sylvanas_only t1_iwck893 wrote

but they don't announce it as a "new product", right?


ScaleLongjumping3606 t1_iwck8jh wrote

Neumann has been selling the U87 microphone design since the 1960s, haven’t they? It just gets more expensive every year. Still the best all-around studio workhorse microphone.


mrvnt t1_iwco9fl wrote

Hmm, at least they changed the boxes.


ChrisFox-NJ t1_iwd178q wrote

There‘s no soc inside those headphones, means barely anything could ever age or become outdated. There‘s no need for people to buy a new pair of headphones every other year, and that‘s why „We created the Airpods Max, featuring computational audio and a powerful H1 chipset. You will love it!“


Mnshine_1 t1_iwd7myo wrote

Really smort comparing digital device with software and many complex functions and analogue device like headphones


kt4-is-gud t1_iwdfboj wrote

I mean they don’t call it a new product. They just keep restocking the same product. Apple on the other hand makes the same products but call it another number or plus max or something like that.


Taraxian t1_iwev8io wrote

Yeah but they haven't "updated" it so you can't use the old ones anymore and have to buy a new model


MiCon29 t1_iwevbko wrote

I love my dt1990.. I don't own an iPhone hut I do love my ipad.. Reminds me that I need to listen on some music


Hukama t1_ix2dpxu wrote

  1. Beyer don't release a 770 every 2 years with slightly different name.
  2. Beyer don't randomly remove headpad or earpad just to make them look sleeker.
  3. You can wear them and they will make sound, so they didn't need to say you're wearing it wrong.

KookDesigns t1_iwbsvrc wrote

2 VERY drastically different business models.

Apple is about getting shiny white plastic in everyone's hands, every 6-12 months, with a built-in expiration date, and, as a backup, software/firmware updates to stop supporting when it's time to make customers re-up.

They're not designing their products to last generations, they're a few steps above disposable.

Whereas Beyer did the legwork decades ago to know their product is polished and optimized, so it doesn't need built-in obsolescence or marketing tie-ins to move products.