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AngryTank t1_j1lipiw wrote

Sennheiser HD790, HD990, and HD990Ti this year.


ostuniman OP t1_j1lnryw wrote

I’m thinking to fill the gap between $350 660 and $1600 HD800S.


sverek t1_j1lr56l wrote

And do not even wish it will sell for the MSRP!


sverek t1_j1leeoa wrote

Headphones are not GPU or something that evolving each year. It is not about having more fps, but finding the sound signature that you like. It is done by researching different tunings and further EQ headphones.

HD600 which were released over 20 years ago are still popular headphones to this day, and way more popular that HD660s.


libeako t1_j1mj955 wrote

I disagree. If it was just tuning then everyone [manufacturers and users] would just tune their headphone to be similar to HD600.


MrCatsoup t1_j1mo1zw wrote

I disagree, it's not just tuning that matters. There's also technicalities of the headphone themselves. Not everyone likes HD600 tuning, I personally dislike it and it's lack of detail.


libeako t1_j1n8bv0 wrote

I have not heard it but everybody is saying that it has good resolution.


aless530 t1_j1np883 wrote

Everyone has their opinions, even if they might suck. I mean, I like the transformers movies (1-3), and feel free to trash me lol


listener-reviews t1_j1o7t1d wrote

My brother in christ, this is r/headphones. Half of the users here are basically EQing their headphones to Harman (might as well be HD600 + bass) 🤣🤣🤣


atyne_mar t1_j1lh3al wrote

Someone mentioned that Sennheiser is working on a successor to 660s. Or at least a revision. We’ll see.

I think it’s also very likely Hifiman will release the stealth version of Sundara and HE6.

I don’t know if anything will happen in 2023 though.


Captain_slowly189 t1_j1q03ab wrote

The hd660s were probably made just because the hd700 didn’t sell very well and they didn’t want to waste all that r&d work, so they stuffed it in a hd6x0 chassis. Hopefully sennheiser will make a proper successor to the hd6x0 lineup.


OverL1ke t1_j1luhnc wrote

Hd900 let's go


-NGC-6302- t1_j1lg43l wrote

IEMs that go entirely in the ear canal and have no handle or wires


fuzeebear t1_j1lgqc5 wrote

I don't think this is a 2023 thing, but eventually it'll happen.

First steps I think might happen is Bose utilizing a new Qualcomm high-performance SoC that can fit into the Sleepbuds form factor, then it just gets smaller and better from there


-NGC-6302- t1_j1lh2pn wrote

After that we can make them hollow like the donut buds

wait then people would be able to take them out


stanchenhhh t1_j1lsb3n wrote

As I know, there will be a new IEM (beginner/mid-fi) from Sennheiser release on January or February. The survey couple weeks ago also mentioned a new headphone (it's a concept of a wireless headphone, looks very interesting, release date unknown. They even mentioned harman-target in the survey. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to tell more about it).


aless530 t1_j1np1ap wrote

Wireless??? Lmao dropped. Give us an hd 900, please!!!


hunkichunki t1_j1m7178 wrote

We are going to break the 10K price mark for mass production headphones (Empyrean and friends)


anoon999 t1_j1mm7v4 wrote

For iems: I think amt iems will be more common and maybe planar hybrid iems.

For headphones: Chinese open backs may be even more common since moondrop is in the game now


aless530 t1_j1npcqx wrote

So basically, nothing worth looking at in the headphone dept still


anoon999 t1_j1nsmvr wrote

Pretty much yea :/ I haven't seen anything promising lately tbh


listener-reviews t1_j1o7le5 wrote

Honestly, I think a lot of the advancements aren’t going to be in the way of headphones themselves, but how manufacturers and the community test, measure, and discuss headphones., LMG, Crinacle and others are getting or already have B&K5128s and I feel like the increased resolution as well as accuracy of the new system is going to be a massive boon to understanding differences between headphones as well as things we’ve had trouble unpacking from FR in the realm of what we call technicalities.

Past that, I don’t know. IEMs are gonna continue optimizing at super low prices until they literally can’t anymore, that’s all I know for sure.

Hopefully Sennheiser releases something great soon because headphones in general—but specifically dynamic drivers—aren’t getting the love they deserve; the market as a whole has really stagnated and I think a lot of us still consider HD800 the biggest single technical leap forward in the modern hobby. I think for many of us, we’re looking for the greatest headphone company of all time to make something to beat HD800 while being well-built and not crazy expensive (looking at you Focal and Hifiman).


AyeYoYoYO t1_j1nuk7l wrote

I love the 660’s speed and overall feel. But felt it was not enough mid presence like the spectacular HD60”‘a mids, and significantly too dark in the treble and not quite enough sub bass.

Let’s hope for another “Grey speckled recycled plastic” classic HD6__, hopefully in a l three Grey color than the HD600 old speckled charcoal color.

And with all the technical advantages of the HD660, but with the exact same tuning from 500hz-5khz as the HD600, air like the HD800s, and sub bass like the HD650.

This would finally get me to own and keep my very first sennheiser


IfTheGloveFits t1_j1lzblg wrote

I'm hoping for that moondrop and fiio entering the over ear headphone market brings prices down in general.


libeako t1_j1mjza4 wrote

I am just a lay speculating.

Next technical step is that headphone manufacturers will measure their headphones and publish the measurements on their websites. They will also publish the accompanying correction files for software equalization.

The step after that may be measuring their headphones individually. It is not very expensive. And gives great value by smoothing the highs.


smoakee t1_j1o3wu4 wrote

Hope 560S still hold up in their open back 150$ bracket. Just ordered them in an after christmas sale for 95$ :o


RonanCondon t1_j1vsjh5 wrote

Now that Axel Grell is gone from Sennheiser I would think they are dead in the water regarding new audiophile releases


Fine_Land t1_j1ls9qw wrote

I think that the stiff competition in the budget chi-fi area will continue and we'll all be blown away by an IEM that's less than $100 that can compete with kilobuck gear.


heyyoudvd t1_j1n1tne wrote

Does Sennheiser have a single planar in their lineup?

That’s gotta be something they’re working on, doesn’t it?

Perhaps we’ll see a planar-based HD 900 at some point?

Who knows. Their plans are especially ambiguous ever since they were acquired. We have no idea what the audiophile ambitions are now that they’re owned by a hearing aid company.


ostuniman OP t1_j1n3ffe wrote

Sonova website says:

Yesterday’s Sennheiser Consumer Innovation press event also confirmed that premium headphones, audiophile, enhanced hearing, and soundbars will be the four key product segments. Sonova Consumer Hearing has announced a packed innovation pipeline with new products expected in all four of its categories in 2022, including new products in its flagship MOMENTUM range. The company also doubled down on its investment into audiophile headphones following the recently launched award-winning IE headphone series, with many more exciting products to come.

The premium headphone market is currently valued at around USD 20 billion and is expected to grow threefold to USD 60 billion in the next seven years. This growth will be driven by smartphone attachment as currently only about 20% of smartphone users have true wireless headphones, this will grow to 70% in the next seven years.1 The Sennheiser brand will be at the forefront of this transition with its premium true wireless sound.

The technology behind true wireless headphones and hearing aids is also converging to create a rapidly growing enhanced hearing segment. Sonova’s acquisition of the Sennheiser Consumer business puts it in a very strong position to lead the market.


aless530 t1_j1npk9h wrote

I dont mind the focus on tws as long as it means that actually good audio products will still be made at senny


listener-reviews t1_j1o8g7w wrote

The moment they do this is the moment hundreds of Sennheiser enthusiasts will declare them a dead firm.

They are basically one of two big firms still interested (afaik) in the dynamic driver headphone, and IMO if they just add another flagship planar to the market, no one really gains anything. It being their first planar would mean it likely wouldn’t be very good, so they likely wouldn’t gain many customers. They’d lose some “market share” of dynamic driver lovers to Focal, and consumers would lose big because then the DD market is literally just Focal, and their build and product support is terrible.