Submitted by AnickYT t3_zsn4xr in headphones

Let's say you were a popular kid at school. You are Sony wh-1000xm4 or the ATH M50.

You were a popular kid who did something bad that made you infamous. You are Beats Solo.

You are a solid student who got good grades but wasn't really a perfect human. You are a solid budget headphones like SHP 9500 or Koss.

Maybe you are ok with most thing, even bad at others but you have a niche skill set. People either love you or hate you. No in the middle. Congratulations, you are a Grados.

You get the question.



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Muttywango t1_j18vobm wrote

I'm a Sundara. People generally like me but I'm prone to breaking apart after light use.


bldybstrd t1_j19kdlz wrote

I’d be the delta airlines buds…


AnickYT OP t1_j19ndq4 wrote

I swear some of y'all got serious self esteem issue. You have topped that list so far.


chilLlama t1_j1cd1ln wrote

You've spoken my voice! Take my upvote! I truly do feel like this. Useless and unwanted.


Pdxmatt636 t1_j1928r0 wrote

Some mid tier electrostatic. Detail oriented, mathematical, but not s tier performer.


Lelouch25 t1_j19r1rc wrote

oh god...

I've had a rather dark childhood but with really rich schools so the comparisons are drastic.

I went to school with super rich kids in long island. Like imagine a parking lot of convertibles. Some of the kids were clearly kids of CEOs and whatever. Like imagine wearing Rolex in high school. At this time I didn't have time to sleep properly as I've had to rush to work after school and would get home around 12 midnight. Used my last period (calculus) to sleep. And I snored like aMF, so I guess the whole class felt the brunt of my shit.

I think I'm the darkest thing that ever existed, but wasn't too quiet about it, so maybe something like a DT1990 but cheaper so DT990. Very self aware and reflective and had nuanced ideas about dire situations. Friends would say I'm the best at dealing with emergencies. So I like to think my ideas had somewhat of clarity in them that they're not muddy like the M50X.

-I have a very deep voice that surprised the unsuspecting, and when used forcefully could fill the room with a monstrous shout that would frighten any monster. Although tall I was scrawny, so I guess I wish I had muscles. --I think of it as lacking bass

-just like the headphone, might have some redeeming factors, but sibilant to just about everyone mostly because I had too much problems back home so I couldn't care for much.



renatojorge236 t1_j19ay55 wrote

Hd560s. A constant in quality, inoffensive to most, isn't bad but isn't the best at anything, a few loyal people still defend it and give it its value, but most people upgrade when they have the chance


AnickYT OP t1_j19b4s7 wrote

I feel like you are telling us something about your love life with that last sentence. XD


renatojorge236 t1_j19c17m wrote

Make that social life and you pretty much get the point


AnickYT OP t1_j19c57r wrote

Press F to pay respect.

You good?


renatojorge236 t1_j19hupv wrote

Yeah I'm good, with time I've learnt that you should value the real ones and let the others go where they please


MRRaptor71 t1_j18qfh4 wrote

I guess im a either love or hate person, that talks to much, so you could say I am fatiguing to listen to. So a Grado SR60 is probably pretty accurate.


AnickYT OP t1_j18s0y5 wrote

As an OP I guess I'll post mine too. Basically I was a Grados SR60 at birth and stayed a Grados to this day. I'm just now a Grados SR60X. Little toned down and more people friendly and I'm trying to be but at the end of the day, not well like by many but the people who likes me, really appreciate me. Little amount of friends kind of guy but really close to his friend kind of guy.

Also I'm well rounded-ish but I have my specialties that may or may not people like which is the niche part of the Grados.


lexicalsatire t1_j19ri7w wrote

Sony IER-Z1R, don't fit / have fit issues…


AnickYT OP t1_j19snug wrote

No not got the pun. Should of kept it at that not explained since I understood it.


Efficient_Truth_9461 t1_j1ke6gr wrote

I'm the m9 because I fit in with everyone, but nobody really thinks about me when I'm not around


LArule19 t1_j19hi16 wrote

I feels kinda like the T60rp Argon.

Made in Asia, modded in America. Not very popular or known about. Not really the best at anything, but make people around me feels at ease, like everything is alright.


C-W0LF t1_j1ack7j wrote

Not a headphone, but Id be the Shure SE215. Just kinda there, unremarkable, nobody really notices me, and only actually good at isolation.


imoverblox_ t1_j1aufmy wrote

Im the lcd2.0 since i like that headphone


sverek t1_j18q4rd wrote

I be like a child of DT990 and Sundara.


AnickYT OP t1_j18qj1b wrote

You did well in school I see.


BioniqReddit t1_j18qp1y wrote

I feel like a bit of a Focal Clear

really good grades but not popular with everyone


AnickYT OP t1_j18r19g wrote

How are you doing now after leaving school? Did you find your group that like you?


BioniqReddit t1_j18rfbi wrote

oh, man now im a fostex th900

guilty pleasure kinda guy


jquest71 t1_j18uda1 wrote

To me, if people either love you or hate you with nothing in the middle, then you're probably Bose. While some may not prefer the Grado sound and instead prefer something more neutral or analytical, I've never heard anyone or in an online article...that they absolutely HATE Grado headphones.

To me, Grados fall into the "Jack of all trades, master of none" category, the kid who knows a little bit about a lot of different things and gets along with everyone, the kid who listens to 70s classic rock because he has an "old soul". I am a Grado SR80.


AnickYT OP t1_j18upwo wrote

I feel like Bose headphones is in the category of popular kid that people generally see them as smart but isn't exactly in a valedictorian or anything like that but just generally really solid students that's well light but isn't the best of the best. Normal people love Bose audiophiles hate them.

Grados at least my experience has been more longer than line of I like this or I'm not a fan so I don't like it because it's too shouty it's a jack of all trade yes and there is a few neutral like anything else in life but I say it's a more v-shaped demographic as in more people either don't like to headphones or like the headphones.


AlternativeThought48 t1_j19mt99 wrote

Tma-2, can’t decide who am I


AnickYT OP t1_j19nrjk wrote

If you the same person, as the delta airlines earbuds, you must have some interesting personality situation on your hand. If not. Nvm then.


suppaboy228 t1_j19ocke wrote

I would be a pair of headphones with fm radio because I have asd.


Fresh_Conversation78 t1_j1aalty wrote

Sennheiser HD800S. Open to hearing others out, usually a dark person with occasional bursts of positive emotion. However they tend to ruin the mood more than lighten it. Much due to the fact I’m talkative and have been termed extroverted which represents that wow factor with soundstage - people deeply tuned in to it, then the treble peak stuffs their ears.

I suppose it’s strange to say 800S, but I really am that kind of talkative and people try even harder to comprehend me when I deal with my plethora of grammatical issues as I speed up overtime.

God this post sounds like me irl


theokktok t1_j1auwxp wrote

Etymotic ER2SE, people who understand and really matter will love it. Normal people will get bored or will think it will hurt inside.


mcjasonb t1_j1b2pbp wrote

I think I’d be an Etymotic because I like isolation and being to myself.


Apart_Flounder702 t1_j1buy74 wrote

Senn HD820, build like a tank sounds like a bitch lmao


Legate_Invictus t1_j1bxl0k wrote

The Beyerdynamic DT1990. I seem bright and exciting at first, but everything good about me is surface level and I'm actually quite mediocre.


CeeNooFo t1_j1c9utu wrote

Thieaudio Monarch Mk II

Fragile, nothing special and overvalued only because the cool kid on the block told everybody to hang with me


Freestalker_dot_fr t1_j1cybkd wrote

I could be the K612 Pro because I'm rather good but I need big power to drive my brain. XD


ARIgatoSAIumas t1_j1fzypr wrote

aeon, does everything well and good, yet bulky and annoying to deal with


Grand-Function-2081 t1_j1hfn7z wrote

Any pair of meze's except the 109s. Got popular pretty fast and somewhat late. Although I also got a bit of the Koss situation 😅


Jadejr14 t1_j18r6x8 wrote

100 percent would be a dt1770 pro


AnickYT OP t1_j18raot wrote

With such confidence, why do you think that?


hentakusfaku t1_j18tpbn wrote

Id be the bastard child of grados and vmodas


AnickYT OP t1_j18txzr wrote

Oh yes you're the case of parents trying to cover their weakness so that their children is the perfect human.


GimmickMusik1 t1_j18y2zu wrote

Sundara, I’m kinda a jack of all trades, but a master of none.


CrimsonPidgeon t1_j1a7zmy wrote

DT770. Solid, but hyped much above its real qualities and sometimes extra spicy.


AnotherMax2021 t1_j1amult wrote

Meze Elite. I really am great but many people can’t see it.