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suno023 t1_j1yf4e4 wrote

i have the HD660S going on 4 years! Just got the HD800S about 3 months ago but I still find myself going back to the 660s from time to time mainly for hiphop. My plan was to sell them after a few sessions compairing both and I just couldn't let them go. 800s is like a banana split with all the toppings. But sometimes you just want vanilla with chocolate syrup.


roenthomas t1_j1yy2c4 wrote

Do you EQ your phones?


suno023 t1_j20otzm wrote

I used to with "peace" PEQ but after I thought I like the EQ I went back and I prefer it stock EQ setting. Sometimes I might EQ the bass for the HD800s but thats it. HD660S I don't EQ at all.