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CH23 t1_j2d2qoz wrote

i agree, this sub seems to glorify the hd600/hd650/hd800 as if it were the second coming of christ


M0BCRUSHER t1_j2d4l06 wrote

600s are dope, it's something I can't live without


ChipsAhoiMcCoy t1_j2d4ed9 wrote

It’s not just this sub there are acoustics engineers who have praised those headphones they are legitimately great.


Doc-85 t1_j2eixvz wrote

Just to show how subjective this hobby is. For many people (me included) the HD600 is like hearing music enveloped in high quality velure and silk while viking ladies feed me grapes, while for some people is like Jack the hobo dressed in trash bags, in a Walmart cart, yelling for crack down the street.


No_Analysis6187 t1_j2d4z9o wrote

I mean, is there anyone that doesn't know this at this point?