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sunjay140 t1_j5l0ts2 wrote

I miss Sony Ericsson. They made the best phones. I only bought SE phones.


KopfInKopf OP t1_j5klxnp wrote

I bought several pairs same years ago, put them in the drawer and forget about them.
Today i found them again and out of boredom i put them in my ears.

These are some realy nice sounding inears. Unfortunately the cable is rubbish but the biggest problem is the fitting. I´m not a big fan of inears, because i have to put them very deep into my ear canal :(


Regular-Mousse7841 t1_j5p55ai wrote

That's what she said, sorry had to. i've the sexuality of a Q-Tip, so very deep in ear canals that is me


mamadMATT t1_j5mhwix wrote

logo bring back memories


roladyzator t1_j5lj6jp wrote

Is that the MH1? I was a fan of MH1C, which was the version with the Apple pin layout.

In not sure if you can still get them. The MDR-EX15 are quite nice, though


Due_Passion_920 t1_j5myzy3 wrote

Ah the MH1, predecessor to the legendary MH755.


Tozzpot t1_j5o17sc wrote

This hits me right in the nostalgia. Simpler times, my friend. Simpler times.


FromWitchSide t1_j5md89r wrote

I have another ones, angled, for like $59 or $69 in like 2007. Felt like they were very overpriced and didn't sound better than cheap ones. I might try them again if I find a missing tip somewhere (unless it was eaten by a vacuum :P). Their cable was deteriorating the sound though, it was detachable for splitter mounted 3.5mm so I tried using it as an extender for Sennheiser earphones and found that out, but I guess this also mean I can just use another one.