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BFYTW_AHOLE t1_j2jofhb wrote

Why would someone hate fireworks?


davkol_cz OP t1_j2jwwdn wrote

At this point in life, I can tolerate the noise… after years of meditation practice and equipped with hearing protection. Our dogs manage alright too.

The litter's all over the place, although that's not exclusive to fireworks.

However, it's a significant source of pollution and disrupts wildlife.

Meanwhile, I don't think fireworks are all that impressive anymore, you know, having access to a modern movie theater, and there are less harmful alternatives, such as laser shows.


DasGutYa t1_j2lpcre wrote

I think the same but about cheap headphones.

I mean, by spending a little more people can get much better build and sound quality, and instead of funding multiple cheap products that are a significant source of pollution and disrupts wildlife, they can own one for a longer length of time and be happy.

I don't think cheap headphones are all that impressive anymore, you know, having access to less harmful alternatives such as focals and dca aeons, even audeze now their qc isn't garbage, items that will last a decade instead of being garbage after 3 months.


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maxbirkoff t1_j2l7rvz wrote

fireworks scare me. they scare my dog. they leave litter. they have caused fire in my area, destroying homes.


throwaway293203251 t1_j2n8jo5 wrote

They kill people every year, cause millions worth of damage to property each year, private and public, they pollute and are produced by unethical means.