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LoneRanger21 t1_j6kzd5m wrote

Portable music players peaked with the 4th Gen Shuffle and no amount of overpriced schiit can convince me otherwise.


rhalf t1_j6mu8ac wrote

I had a few of these and was always impressed with sound quality. It was also quite easy to use. Cowon E2 was nice too. It didn't have the reading voice, but did have EQ presets.


f3llyn t1_j6l2xef wrote

Did you do that on purpose? Because schiit doesn't have any portable devices.


LoneRanger21 t1_j6l3dsv wrote

You see, the joke is that I substituted profanity with the name of a company that is enunciated the same way.

That said company doesn't produce portable music players is kinda besides the point lol.


f3llyn t1_j6l4d0n wrote

I'm aware. But it's not beside the point. It breaks the context.


LoneRanger21 t1_j6l5fvk wrote

But it won't break my (or OPs) 4th Gen Ipod Shuffle right?

Cause that's what really matters here. They don't make schiit like that... at all I guess.


Drew141 t1_j6kvjme wrote

Which is better? This or Apple Dongle


Cyodine OP t1_j6kxqy4 wrote

Apple Dongle but if you're on a budget, then this IPod Shuffle is great.


71M07HYD t1_j6lys7n wrote

Dongle, 'cause you can check what's playing without much guessing


Cyodine OP t1_j6n33aq wrote

I only have Frank Ocean on my shuffle, so there isn't much guessing.


71M07HYD t1_j6n5527 wrote

Well, the lack of multiple playlists as well, for most people, it's a must


hyde0000 t1_j6l12yx wrote

Lol I miss my shuffle, it was amazing for its time.


herleinb t1_j6lcmwp wrote

I love it! Most DAP’s will put out good if not great sound. A nice pair of IEM’s and a collection of great music and you are set!


Lemondsingle t1_j6odnmn wrote

I have a number of them set up by genre, acid jazz, jazz, zappa, rock. They never fail, long battery life, and since it's only my favorite stuff, shuffle is just fine. Small, cheap, durable, and sound good enough.


Upstairs-Ad6975 t1_j6okgxs wrote

I actually just bought a 5gen iPod and put a 2000mah battery and a 128gb flash drive in it all for about $90. It was just kind of a fun tinker thing for me, I still use my phone with a fiio btr3k alot because of Wavelet.


Cyodine OP t1_j6p42el wrote

Was it difficult to install a new battery and more memory?


Fiendop t1_j6met01 wrote

cute setup


iFiAudio t1_j6p01jg wrote

This is elite.


csch1992 t1_j6p7p1w wrote

damn that shuffle looks cute. i had an ipod nano back then. no everything is just saved on my phone.