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No_Analysis6187 t1_j4kh4dg wrote

Lmao this is spot on


MaximumEffort433 t1_j4m6pao wrote

Seriously. I loved my HE-4XX (before it completely fell apart on me) but the first thing I had to do was buy a new cable because the factory one was cutting out, then the ear cups broke off. On the bright side I haven't had any such problems with my Sundara, so I've got that going for me, which is nice.


amiga1 t1_j4mle21 wrote

I didn't have issues with the cable, but it is the cheapest I've ever felt and very short, so I bought some long and braided fancy ones.


ryukin631 t1_j4mnuv9 wrote

I'm waiting for when my HE-4XX start to fall apart. I got them November 2021, but they are still going good. I bought a new cable shortly after getting them because of how bad it was and recently replaced the pads because the old ones flattened agar a year of use. I love how they sound so much.


MaximumEffort433 t1_j4mrlne wrote

From what I understand they fixed the HE-4XX's design flaws after 2018... ...but you might want to add zip ties anyway.


ryukin631 t1_j4nkn75 wrote

Will do. Thanks for the tip!


MaximumEffort433 t1_j4nnd4j wrote

The point of failure on the older models is pretty uniform: The ear cups are held to the headband by eyeglass screws threaded into a plastic retainer, eventually the plastic thread gives way and the ear cup comes off. Here's what mine looked like, and another redditor's, and a third for good measure.

I'm not trying to belabor the point, it's just that the HE-4XX is my favorite headphone so far and I wish I'd put zip ties on them, so I'm trying to show you very specifically where the problem is, I guess. Sorry, I'll go.


ryukin631 t1_j4nr446 wrote

It's all good. They are my favorite as well lol


[deleted] t1_j5627kl wrote



MaximumEffort433 t1_j597lam wrote

I honestly don't know, I just know that folks who got the post-2018 model haven't seemed to report the same problems, even though the mounting hardware appears to be identical. Sorry that I don't know more. Like I said, I believe they fixed the problem, but five cents worth of zipties can do the same thing, and the headphones are absolutely worth five cents of zipties.


Karoleq00 t1_j4kqqgc wrote

At this point I'm scared to buy anything from hifiman as I planned. Sadly idk any alternatives that will be even comparable and at similar price to sundara


No_Analysis6187 t1_j4ku7bo wrote

Second hand lcd 2c is probably the only way for cheap true and tested planar


Spojinowski t1_j4m619v wrote

Fostex? I love the Dekoni Blue


FastGecko5 t1_j4mv3j0 wrote

Fostex is like that meme of someone playing with a kid in a pool, one kid drowning, and then a skeleton at the bottom of the ocean.

Fostex is the skeleton. It's like everyone just forgets that they've been making a good cheap planar for like 20 years at this point.


ratatat t1_j4l0sqm wrote

I had to swap to Sennheisers after reading all the horror stories online about QC with HifiMan. Overall more pleased with the 660S vs Sundara, but they are very different obviously.


Exciting-Mine-4300 t1_j4m7zbr wrote

I think most issues are with the lower tier headphones. Arya Stealth Magnet, HE1000 V2/ SE and Susvara I have barely heard QC issues at all (me being an Arya owner for a while now).


aknudskov t1_j4mg1jp wrote

Probably has something to do with overall sales numbers due to barriers of entry.


Lightgun26 t1_j4lmafg wrote

Maybe audio technica r70x


Karoleq00 t1_j4lsy3n wrote

I hate how they sit on my head. I just can't get them to work and had to return them. Extremely light but whatever the hell they call that system is atrocious


ShepherdessAnne t1_j4n3wl5 wrote

I replaced mine first with an generic earmuff head band, and then later with a military surplus David Clark ear protector headband.


hextanerf t1_j4lpp6e wrote

Not planar tho


Karoleq00 t1_j4lt851 wrote

At this point I'll take any option to consider. My DT990 are good and I'm a bitch for planar drivers since i had a chance to listen to hifiman, but it's a no go with all the issues they have.


hextanerf t1_j4ms827 wrote

Eh. I just want to try planar. Is it worth it for me to drop money on a mid-range hifiman? Or would an entry level one work? Or maybe secondhand LCD-2c?


Karoleq00 t1_j4msw1o wrote

Don't get any planars if you don't have a sufficiently powerful amp/dac+amp combo, i tried and failed using qudelix 5k with hifiman 400i or whatever the heck they are called. I just got an fiio k7 so that unlocked some possibilities, however I'm in the same boat as you, I really want to get planars but i can't trust hifiman at this point and i don't know what to get other than Monoprice 1060...


nhuynh50 t1_j550e6a wrote

Had a pair of LCD-2C before upgrading to the LCD-X. Both are exceptionally easy to drive. You don't need a fancy amp or dac to get them to comfortable listening and ear drum damaging levels, on a phone. If all you can afford is a dongle dac and adapter then you're good to go. Anyone that tells you otherwise either has damaged ears themselves or don't own a pair.


Eleventh_Barista t1_j4mnou1 wrote


as an audio technica expert, these are way to much money for what they are


Millenwagon t1_j4lohs3 wrote

Second hand t 5 p gen 2 sounds so much better than my Edition XS, in fact I think m1060 sounds better than the edition xs too. M1060 has had some silent revisions and they have the m1060c drivers, they sound amazing and they have a 5 year warranty, and mono price has great customer service.


Karoleq00 t1_j4ltgkv wrote

Monolith Monoprice m1060? I seriously consider them an option but it's not yet set in stone


Millenwagon t1_j4lwhdo wrote

Yeah they’re definitely worth the money, they sound fab


StarWarder t1_j4nk80k wrote

HiFiman seems to only put premium quality into their 4-figure headphones. Even then, the effort is hit and miss depending on the topic. The packaging for my 400$ Oculus Rift was far more premium than for my 6000$ Susvara. As referenced by the meme, the cables are still horrendous. The rotation of the Susvara cups are facilitated by little nylon washers seemingly taped to the joint and this weak adhesive just dissolves over time leading to jamming of the rotation and bits of oozing adhesive. The crappy foam job in all their packaging up the line to Susvara is hidden by the satin which isn’t secured into the box at all like a liner but rather just stuffed in there and bunching up over time if you attempt to use the box for storage.

I can at least say the drivers, the pads, and the frame of the Susvara look sturdy. I guess those are really the things that matter shrug


N0TaC0PP t1_j4lb4uq wrote

Arya stealth is amazing tho. Sold my LCD-X 2021 because I loved the Arya so much. Pure bliss.


Exciting-Mine-4300 t1_j4m85my wrote

Agreed and I haven't personally seen anyone yet saying their Arya Stealth broke, I love mine and build is solid enough for me to not worry.


Astrophan t1_j4n15rz wrote

How would you compare them? Planning to buy them this year.


N0TaC0PP t1_j4nxmty wrote

I had both for a long time. Arya stealth is superior in every way to my ears. Clearer and bigger soundstage.

But I'm a scum that likes bass extension and vibrations. I'm not an audiophile. I want my ears to literally vibrate.

The Arya Stealth was MUCH more powerful (cable of being more powerful). Wasn't even a competition really.


Bulky_Shepard t1_j4liha8 wrote

I bought a pair of HE400i's off of eBay and they've been tanks, nothing phases them, the wire is fine and they sound good. For less than £100. I'm delighted with the purchase. Am I really that much of an outlier? They've even fallen once or twice in the two years I've had them and they just popped back together no problem.


GeraldoOfRivaldo t1_j4lvtr2 wrote

When the headband eventually wears out, they force you to pay $75 to replace the entire assembly instead of just the band. I tried to replace just the band and very quickly realized it was seemingly intentionally designed to never allow someone to work on them. I loved the sound, but I'll never buy another Hifiman again.


Cessnas172 t1_j4lky84 wrote

I'm glad my first hifiman purchase was a used he1kv2. Damn good headphone and works like a champ. The stock cable is absolutely trash though


Lelouch25 t1_j4lgctd wrote

LOL you guys realize Hifiman probably sell millions of headphones while Audeze sells maybe in the tens of thousands.

I daily Sundara and Monolith M1060C and M1070s. This 'build' quality issue is blown out of proportions.

Most of us wouldn't of gotten to try planar without those 2 companies...

I'm actually very grateful to them as they've changed the industry for good. Look at 3 year old reviewer comparison videos, they'd often go from $300 to $800 then to couple of thousand dollar headphones.

Now we can experience all sorts of planar well below $300s range. That's entry level price.

Realize majority of Americans make less than $50k. And you really come to understand cheap Chinese headphones likely make up the majority of new listeners in this hobby.


69001001011 t1_j4lqddx wrote

Massively over estimating the number of audiophile headphones that get sold


Lelouch25 t1_j4luri7 wrote

oh yeah I was wondered that too.

Using Amazon's ranked number of a Hifiman Sundara within the category of electronics, Scopes estimates 3090 of them are sold per month.

Given that Hifiman have multiple lines of cheap headphones and that they operate around the world. I think millions could very well be the case.


spartaman64 t1_j4mtl5y wrote

maybe if you include the china market but i dont think those people would be making posts on reddit


StarWarder t1_j4nnecm wrote

Completely incorrect. It’s definitely the other way around. Audeze has probably sold more Mobius and Penrose headphones than Hifiman’s entire lineup. Mobius was being sold retail at Microcenter. Maxwell for Xbox 360 is sold out until March. Audeze literally can’t make these headphones fast enough. When I talked to Sankar at CanJam he said getting into the consumer level completely transformed the company.


Lelouch25 t1_j4nomii wrote

Fair enough, that's something I haven't considered. Looking at the rankings of Mobius it's very close to that of Sundara sale's estimates.


Lord_Umio_yt t1_j4l3trc wrote

Yeah their build quality isn't really that great. But the sound quality is great


mb159 t1_j4kn5c0 wrote

This is so true the cable is garbage and every time i take my sundaras off my head it feels like they are going to break


matiasak47 t1_j4lhexv wrote

i was about to buy he6se v2 but since im not from USA i had to wait for another person bought them for me and now the 399 offer is gone. I want to cry


Lightgun26 t1_j4ln58k wrote

I just bought them too, cannot recommend them enough. Good luck on getting a pair :)


moneybagmeisenheimer t1_j4lb404 wrote

So I ordered the edition XS b-stock 2 weeks ago. I received the item and the right yoke scraps and doesn’t lock correctly to the divots. I emailed customer service and they were speedy in sending me a return label and providing a replacement once they receive the headphone. Hopefully my second pair is perfect. The sound was truly amazing. We shall see if they follow through but yes the build quality is something to always be weary of.


maXXXjacker t1_j4lud6i wrote

As far as B-stock goes, I wonder how much of these issues are due to human error. I think a lot of stuff slides through the QA process at a lot of companies and I've seen it first hand like for example where some kid will get bored or lazy after churning out repairs all day or functionality testing and its nearing time to go home or the weekend and obvious issues will be signed off on, considered 'good enough' or ignored.

It does feel like a lotto sometimes, no matter what company you decide to buy from. Personally I've never had good luck with b-stock items from any company but that's just probably my luck. I can't tell somebody how many times I've ordered b-stock items and it was super obvious that if somebody did a proper functionality test or used the item it shouldn't have been resold or passed an inspection.

Hopefully your next headphone is a good one!


moneybagmeisenheimer t1_j4m82me wrote

Yeah I’ve been leaning towards the same thought. I told them I would like to them personally inspect the headband drivers of the next pair before shipping so they will not have to do this again. They said they would comply with those test for me. So if my next pair arrives with no issues I’ll be please with the customer service.


Autistic_Hanzo t1_j4lqwzh wrote

I got a HE400se for Christmas. It came with the new and better cable. For the price the headphone is amazing with EQ. Without eq tho...


Solegide t1_j4ntvua wrote

What are you adjusting in the EQ? The mids dip? I actually really enjoy the stock sound. That dip in the mids wasn't nearly as bad as I thought they were gonna be.


Autistic_Hanzo t1_j4ny259 wrote

I just pop the AutoEQ preset on them. I like the sound signature better this way. They boost the bass mostly and take the edge off some.of the higher frequencies


burito23 t1_j4lrvfu wrote

Those who has it and no issues don’t post.


Lafenear t1_j4m1pb2 wrote

I bought the HE1000se, and they’re my favorite pair so far. Yes, the cables are shit and yes I bought a custom cable for them, but other than that they’re great. Haven’t had any QC issues so far.


0silver_skies0 t1_j4lb3h1 wrote

Question related to this. I’m terrified of adjusting my hifiman headphones (mine have the slippy slidey friction kinda adjustment) because I have a feeling that they are going to get loose. Is this an actual thing that can happen? Or do I not have to worry about floppy annoying headphones 10 years down the line


t-visADL t1_j4lnva5 wrote

I was going to buy the HE-R9’s today… should I not do that?


Shinonomenanorulez t1_j4lzw80 wrote

Got me some HE-X4(well, my brother got them and i traded him my 99 noirs for them, NEVER BUYING MASSDROP AGAIN) and the cable is the softest thing i ever felt, like the cables that go into the headphone are straight up hollow, and this seems to be the upper end of hifiman cables.... How long will they last?


janesmb t1_j4m5jl1 wrote

Bought HE400SEs a year ago which are used daily and they're fine so far (knock on wood).


ShepherdessAnne t1_j4n3nuz wrote

I'm straight up going to pay a machining company to clone the cups out of aluminum.


Solegide t1_j4nt4h5 wrote

So, handle my HE400SE with care. Got it.


jib661 t1_j4oa5oe wrote

I have a hifiman ef2 tube amp and its been solid for over 10 years. Shame their headphones seem to be made from toilet paper apparently


TheOddestOfSocks t1_j4ohgpc wrote

Did a trial of a bunch of headphones in an audio store the other day... Hifiman build quality was the worst of those I tried, but best sounding.


nhuynh50 t1_j54zxqx wrote

Is build quality an issue throughout their range or just the entry and mid-fi stuff?


Nokin345 t1_j4mmx5j wrote

I know the cable is pure dog shit, but I am not sure why every shit on the build quality?


Nr48 t1_j4kijb9 wrote

Don't need to contact the hifiman support. They only help you if you bought the headphone directly from them what most people probably didn't.


olqerergorp_etereum t1_j4l1acl wrote

>Don't need to contact the hifiman support

yeah, instead try this FAQ

customer: * any problem *

hifiman support: "we don't care lol"

  • your ticket has been closed *

The_D0lph1n t1_j4lj1ss wrote

If you have a receipt from an authorized dealer, they'll help you. Not sure about Drop collabs though, I think support goes through Drop on those.


Nr48 t1_j4ljlg4 wrote

Yeah, if. Did you check the authorized dealer list? Tiny. Then check the unauthorized one, miles long. With all the big names like Linsoul, hifigo, aliexpress and even Amazon (if it is not the marketplace store from hifiman on Amazon)


Oxibase t1_j4ogh9d wrote

I ordered the Edition XS on Amazon and it was sold by Hifiman.


0dioPower t1_j4kptqj wrote

Chi-fi is a blessing, now you can discover (with relative low $$) that good headphones actually sound better the the "standard bluetooth equipment" but after that discover you still need to buy a good pair of cans 🎧 ❤️ and you will 😭


TRX808 t1_j4khk3g wrote

Isn't this meme supposed to follow a pattern that scales? Quadrant 4 should be smashing the headphones or electrocution. (Alternatively warrantying the headphones in which case this meme sucks).


ollopii t1_j4ko5qm wrote

Nope starter packs are typically a randomly assorted group of items relating to an overarching subject.


TRX808 t1_j4ksz18 wrote

If this is a starter pack then I want my starter pack back.