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covertash t1_j698o4s wrote

I would treat any list moreso as just a single reference point to correlate other people's perceptions and preferences. The most important thing is to listen for yourself and come to your own conclusions, which you can then compare and contrast against crinacle (and other reviewers) to find who has closely matching preferences to your own.

For me, Resolve has very similar preferences to my own, with only slight deviations:

However, again, this is just another data point that is helpful to triangulate impressions. I still need to listen for myself to confirm where I fall with each headphone suggestion anyway.


CH23 t1_j697li9 wrote

Works potentially for guidance, but it's always best to go and listen somewhere


blargh4 t1_j69dcp0 wrote

If you agree with his tastes, sure. I’m a “technicalities” skeptic but I generally agree with his evaluations of tunings.


pinkcunt123 t1_j697vqs wrote

His ranking does not take EQ into account and is only based on his preference, so unless your preferences align with his: No.

Generally, if you have literally NO IDEA what you are doing, it aint a bad place to get ideas as to what it is you want to TRY. And I say try, because buying blind leads to regrets more often than not.

You need to find out what kinda sound works for you and what kinda headphones are comfortable for you to wear. Don't buy the first one that sounds good to you either, try a bunch to confirm whether or not thats really the best one for you.


dstarr3 t1_j6dq3q4 wrote

Crin is just a man on the internet with opinions. Nothing more, nothing less.


obfeskeit t1_j6ek2la wrote

Well tbf he also hosts a database of measurements.


atyne_mar t1_j69z94m wrote

After he called 660S hot garbage and Ananda technically worse than R70X I stopped listening to him. His measurements are useful though.


miles971 t1_j6a6f0r wrote

Noway Hifiman egg-shape planar is worse than any DD hps!

Iem guy ☕️


MaverickO7 t1_j6brl88 wrote

Personally no. His iem list is alright but his headphone list is so crazy different from my own experience and tastes, especially when it comes to comments on timbre/detail/refinement