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Kirei13 t1_j5h6qvm wrote

I tend to always see photos of Hifiman when they are new or when they are broken. They also have quality control issues (and durability issues) with the Sundara so this isn't a surprise.

Older people tend to enjoy the Grados as they cannot hear treble frequencies like younger people can, so the treble emphasis tends to work out.


Lego_Hippo OP t1_j5hczpd wrote

What bugs me is that if you look at all the posts of broken headbands, it’s always the same spot. It’s not just bad QC but just bad design.


Miller_TM t1_j5i01tr wrote

Shit like this is why I'll stay away from Hifiman, looks like bad designs.


AnOldMoth t1_j5imrqr wrote

This is a Drop product, those things are build like garbo.

Modern Hifiman designs are fine, just buy open-box.


f3llyn t1_j5iem6u wrote

Similar to the Sundaras, where it's usually one of the ear cups losing sound due to how the plugs are soldered. Any little bump on the cable can break it.


Usual_Research t1_j5hi1mw wrote

Seeing these pictures always make me glad I went for the Aeon Open X


cum-oishi t1_j5hxt0j wrote

Best hifiman qc 👍


Lego_Hippo OP t1_j5gyco6 wrote

Cans: Grado SR60X and Hifiman HE4XX Amp/dac: Fiio EK10

I got the hifimans as a gift a few years back, and even with great care, the prophecy came true and they broke :(

Not wanting to spend another $100 on a headband, I got the grado’s a few days ago as a replacement, and tbh I don’t get the hype but they are good headphones. I do prefer a wide sound stage and more emphasis on vocals but I have been enjoying them.

Planning on fixing the HE4XX sometime soon with some shoe glue, but happy to have both in my collection.


porgy_tirebiter t1_j5hlf0n wrote

May I recommend the Geekria flat pads with the center cut out? They’re like ten bucks on Amazon, and they will definitely improve the sound of the SR60s.


Straight8s t1_j5higgh wrote

My hifimans broke like that too


Chok3U t1_j5h0lta wrote

Give your ears some time to get used to the "grado sound". But pretty much you know right from the get-go whether or not you like the sound though. But they may start to surprise you the longer you use them...

I was thinking of getting those Hifiman's. Not sure now.


Lego_Hippo OP t1_j5h22ja wrote

At first I wasn’t blown away or anything but they have grown on me. Certain songs do sound great with them, and they’re miles better for gaming compared to the HE4XX.

I think QC plague the cheaper hifimans, I haven’t seen a ton of issues pop up with the sundara’s but I think for my next set, definitely going sennheiser.


PNW_0050 t1_j5hx8q0 wrote

I have a set of the HE-4XX. Loved them for about a year until one of the solders randomly burnt out.


AnOldMoth t1_j5inexw wrote

HE400SE. The Massdrop ones are terrible and the headband is actual garbage.


inscythe t1_j5ihy2b wrote

Get something like this, much cheaper than Hifiman's own bands.


RB181 t1_j5itwph wrote

I recommend a Beyerdynamic DT headband. They fit perfectly on the round Hifimans, and Beyer products are known to last a long time.


hatlad43 t1_j5ij4ml wrote

A HiFiMan, a Grado Prestige series, a FiiO E10K, a Lenovo apparel

Are you me?

Though my HiFiMan is still pristine as it's only a month old 😬


Lego_Hippo OP t1_j5jrk3v wrote

Great minds think alike! Besides the broken headset, the setup does everything I need it to.


Pokrog t1_j5jc2ns wrote

So drop used the 8 year old headband design and slapped it on the 2017 400i driver. Both of those parts had known issues and were phased out by Hifiman. Drop bought them at a massive discount as spare parts, put the 2 together and sold them as if they were new and relevant. This is a drop problem. Do your research people.


gridener t1_j5k4fml wrote

Makes me nervous about my Edition XS. My 4xx’s are safely stored in their box for now