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Chok3U t1_j5h0lta wrote

Give your ears some time to get used to the "grado sound". But pretty much you know right from the get-go whether or not you like the sound though. But they may start to surprise you the longer you use them...

I was thinking of getting those Hifiman's. Not sure now.


Lego_Hippo OP t1_j5h22ja wrote

At first I wasn’t blown away or anything but they have grown on me. Certain songs do sound great with them, and they’re miles better for gaming compared to the HE4XX.

I think QC plague the cheaper hifimans, I haven’t seen a ton of issues pop up with the sundara’s but I think for my next set, definitely going sennheiser.


PNW_0050 t1_j5hx8q0 wrote

I have a set of the HE-4XX. Loved them for about a year until one of the solders randomly burnt out.


AnOldMoth t1_j5inexw wrote

HE400SE. The Massdrop ones are terrible and the headband is actual garbage.