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Kirei13 t1_j5h6qvm wrote

I tend to always see photos of Hifiman when they are new or when they are broken. They also have quality control issues (and durability issues) with the Sundara so this isn't a surprise.

Older people tend to enjoy the Grados as they cannot hear treble frequencies like younger people can, so the treble emphasis tends to work out.


Lego_Hippo OP t1_j5hczpd wrote

What bugs me is that if you look at all the posts of broken headbands, it’s always the same spot. It’s not just bad QC but just bad design.


Miller_TM t1_j5i01tr wrote

Shit like this is why I'll stay away from Hifiman, looks like bad designs.


AnOldMoth t1_j5imrqr wrote

This is a Drop product, those things are build like garbo.

Modern Hifiman designs are fine, just buy open-box.


f3llyn t1_j5iem6u wrote

Similar to the Sundaras, where it's usually one of the ear cups losing sound due to how the plugs are soldered. Any little bump on the cable can break it.


Usual_Research t1_j5hi1mw wrote

Seeing these pictures always make me glad I went for the Aeon Open X